Behind the scenes at the Eurobics Fair 2015 in Friedrichshafen

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    Behind the scenes at the Eurobics Fair 2015 in Friedrichshafen

    From the kitchen of Electra ... 

    Actually, we tell you about our experiences and new discoveries that we make at trade fairs at the stands and the supporting program, but this time I look at it from the other side: directly from the kitchen of Electra.   

    The Electra Bicycle Company was founded in California in 1993 and has been designing stylish bikes for more than 20 years. The bike is no longer just a simple means of transportation, the brand is lived and brings a new urban lifestyle with it. Honestly, I did not know the bikes yet, as I'm mostly out and about on mountain bikes. But with my little side job in the "support team of Electra" I was able to get excited about the relaxed Stadtcruiser. Right at the first glance, I was enthusiastic about the bike accessories and the matching accessories. You can not just sit on an electro bike, but buy elaborately designed bells, wheel baskets, handles and even matching T-shirts and caps - so that the "Electra-Feeling" is perfect!

    The characteristic cruisers have a curved frame and sometimes very unusual designs. The entire booth was lined in black, so that the large selection of colors of the wheels seemed even happier and made you want more. Outside, every visitor was able to try the different types of Electra bikes once. At 30 degrees in the shade we had to try the tandem during the break. We were both sitting on such a long bike for the first time and at first we were still struggling to negotiate narrow curves between the trucks of the fair. And as we then both pedal vigorously, we are surprised how fast you can accelerate together = D! 

    Convinced us to relaxed driving then the model Townie - a convenient cruiser for the city. With three gears, fenders and LED lights just the thing for relaxed trips without major climbs. The handlebar looks wide and the seating position is slightly set back, so that you step forward rather than down. This sets a very relaxed and comfortable driving feeling - "like a bit of vacation on the bike".

    My job was to provide the entire Electra team and the booth visitors with delicious breakfasts, lunches, afternoon snacks and drinks. Because only those who eat and drink well, have enough energy to engage on the one hand on the versatile selection of types of bicycles and on the other hand to take care of the many interested parties and to advise them in detail. Our wonderful support team consisted of 4 motivated girls, who even on 8m² conjured up the tastiest meals. We had a lot of fresh and good ingredients available and all the freedom we wanted to do it. We were there on the three trade visitor days and clearly noticed how on the last day not only Electrakunden, but also other hungry guests enjoyed our lunch = D.

    Such a good and fresh kitchen just gets around quickly at the fair! While at other stalls there is the well-known sausage with ketchup, we distribute a green chicken curry with rice, fresh peppers, green beans, cilantro and mint. Only what disturbs me at fairs unfortunately again and again, the amounts of garbage are generated within a very short time at each stand. This is even more noticeable to me now than I have previously perceived as a trade fair visitor.

    Our food is distributed in plastic plates with plastic cutlery. In the future, one should consider environmentally friendly solutions such as edible bowls. Sinking crockery on such small kitchens and with little water is certainly not an easy problem. Nevertheless, I hope that the garbage problem will be solved as soon as possible due to stricter rules on the part of the trade fair regarding the amount of garbage or alternative dishes.

    Since Electra also produces e-bikes, there was also an e-bike stand outdoors. We also provided the team with cool drinks and fruit during the heat. On the way there and while we were distributing flyers for the legendary "Elektra Party", I was able to take a quick look at the news of the fair. I was thrilled with the refined, simple "Fatbike tent combination" at the pinguin stall. AcePac's tent gear allows you to sleep outdoors after the tour without taking an extra tent. And if someone wants to steal the wheels at night, you realize that at the latest when the tent cover falls on your face ....

    Otherwise, you could see a clear trend: the bike is becoming more and more a practical Packesel. Whether for garbage disposal, as a mobile coffee machine or for the private annual leave, the wheels can be equipped with intelligent packing and transport systems. It's all on two wheels!



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