Autumnal Kraxeln in Uri

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    Autumnal Kraxeln in Uri

    Fast and high tour from Amsteg (526m) over the northwest ridge to the Bristen (3073m) and back over the northeast ridge.

    Clouds and hair dryer are in demand, but since it should stay dry, we decide on a storm tour on the summit of view in Uri, the pyramid of the Brist. Visible from afar, it is in 3.5 km as the crow flies full 2500 meters in the sky, short recalculation results in an average slope of almost 36 °!

    Serpentines without end

    We're coming in around midnight Amsteg (526m) The sky is only slightly cloudy and it is warm in autumn. Directly behind the town, or the power plant, it goes steeply uphill, the trail goes under the Gotthard Railway and traverses under the downpipes of the power plant. There are some freight trains rushing down the valley, and the motorway is also developing some noise. We follow the signs to Bristenstäfeli and arrive on a flat commercial road. Now it's time to do a meter, it's going briskly forward and slightly upwards. Sometime ago Hagglisberg (1016m) the road becomes a bit narrower, but due to the flat incline, it still takes time to climb up here. We sweat our soul out, do not talk much and practically jog up the mountain. After a good two hours we reach that Bristenstäfeli (1519m)Here ends the dense forest. Four cottages are scattered on the meadow, the Stäfeli itself is a pretty self-catering cottage without sleeping. Surprised by the luxury that awaits us up here, we stay awake and enjoy the deep view of the illuminated valley towards Lake Lucerne. It even has a toilet with water flush, madness! Inside the house has a large kitchenette with wood stove and beer and coke on offer. But we leave it at the water for today and lie down in front of the well. The splashing makes us fall asleep quickly ...

    Before the alarm rouses us, this part of the rain takes over, which gently trickles us around 6 clock in the face. So, just go to the parlor! Since we have enough time today, we do not get up until 8 o'clock, the rain has almost cleared and in the hut there is a cassette player including cassettes. But what music! We feel like we're in panorama television, with crunch-pattern music at its best ...

    The pyramid

    We leave the overnight clothes at the hut and set off. Now there is only one option and that means: High! You can reach it quickly Blacki (1868m), and through the ever sparse vegetation leads one the trail to Bristensee (2100m), Every now and then it drizzles easily, what's the point! The weather service does otherwise always good services, and just today we want such a Kraxelberg up! At the Bristensee there is also the privately operated Bristenhütte, which is not marked on the map of Switzerland with a name. Here we are finally in the sun and have breakfast for a while.

    The rocky pyramid of the Brist is now towering in the south. We cross the large rubble slope westwards directly towards the Gemsplanggenstöckli (2413m), This marks, so to speak, the beginning of the ragged northwest ridge. At first over trails in the grass, it is soon rocky and over blocks you rise quickly. It is exposed only in a few places, mostly you feel very safe despite wetness and it's just fun. One can best orient oneself on the northeast ridge on the other side of the flank, which at the culmination of the two ridges at 2946m ends in a small turret. This is quickly climbed and now drag only the last few meters on the simple summit ridge. Here is the track again leaked wide.

    And so we stand after 2.5 hours from the Bristenseeli on the summit of Bristol (3073m), the cloud cover lies above us and so we have a great view of Lake Lucerne and the valleys and mountains all around.

    The summit is adorned with a few cairns, the foremost is the special summit cross, two oblong stones bound together. There is plenty of space up here, even a bivouac place is available. Grad does not rain for once, even the sun sometimes shines warm through the clouds. From the expected Föhnsturm we notice nothing, only a gentle breeze blows up here. So much the better! We relax for some time and watch the alpine soles, as they vainly beg for food ...

    The uri effect

    For the way down we choose the Northeast Ridge, which represents the normal way with slightly lighter Kraxelstellen. Here, too, show little men the way, only once we run briefly into the flank. The whole time you have the terrific view under one, you have to be careful on the way :). At the Gap in front of the Lauchergrat Once there, we sit down and nod away immediately. After fifteen minutes we get up and look forward to the next break at Bristenstäfeli. In front of the gap, a white arrow (visible to the lake) on the rock, which marks the entrance to the northeast ridge, is emblazoned. In the opposite direction on the way, we quickly slide down the scree and a snowfield and reach again Bristenhütte, The weather seems to have caught, it is no longer raining, is getting warmer and the sun peeps out every now and then. This will change as soon as we get back on Bristenstäfeli arrive. It rains and winds, but we are in the cabin and relax for an hour, sleep a bit and then pack our things. We'll leave the beer on the spot. Firstly, there is nowhere written a price (but a cash box hats), secondly wait for another 1000 Hm descent on us!

    Based on the never - ending descent in Ticino, what follows can be clearly seen in the Uri effect describe. If we already have 1,500 meters of descent in our legs, the valley is so close to us that you quickly underestimate the height and length. Half an eternity, it goes down serpentine for serpentine, the flat path protects the knees, but not the psyche :). When we finally reach the downpipes and the railway line, we know that it is done. With satisfied and heavy feet we arrive at the bus stop in Amsteg on, the bus leaves in ten minutes. Perfect tour!



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