Hegauvulkane, the first

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    Hegauvulkane, the first

    At some point the idea arose to scale the Hegau volcano. No sooner said than done: yesterday afternoon we started by train to Geisingen, the planned starting point of the hike.

    Since it was quite late afternoon (16:30 clock), I left the Wartenberg (844m) and moved directly against Höwenegg (812m). At the bottom I made good progress, gladly I left the first climb behind me and verduzt noted that the trail forked. However, my GPS map showed a straight path straight down into the valley. I opted for the right, because there was deciduous forest and I can shorten so much easier than through the dense coniferous forest on the left. At the bottom arrived a short dangling to the left to replenish at the source also searched for on the GPS device water (thanks water filter!).

    At some point, the trail went up left, but there was also a sign: Location shooting range. Of course, I gave the trail sign the priority and pulled past the shooting range. Of course it was a bit exciting, could have been, they do a late-night-evening-through-the-forest-creep-exercise. Anyway, I found the "here-no-tank" sign funny. The sun went down on the horizon, I still had about half an hour. In the middle of the forest, suddenly a house. Curious, I peeked around the corner, and indeed, there was light on the top of the gable. Well, it's definitely nice to live here, albeit a bit off the beaten track. Or close, if the 1km continue to shoot on it. Then we went, already quite dark, up to the Höwenegg, where I stumbled around a bit, almost broke my legs because of all the wood that was lying here criss-crossing, briefly thought about where I could put my tent, but then found no cozy , sheltered place and questioned the GPS again.

    Down the mountain there is a shelter. Well that sounds good. So on, down, carefully, here is still snow and the path was frozen hard and partly with ice. In fact, there was a hut, but it was closed and probably only for the protection of the hunter people. Without further ado, a hollow was dug, behind the hut there was thankfully dry wood, a fire kindled, the tent set up, boiled cheese noodles, stared into the fire, warmed up.

    Did not wake up too early, something with the 8 front. It was icy cold, the condensation in the tent was frozen, as was the water in my water bottles. In the big one was still a ground cover liquid water, so I shaken a while and then boiled this water, put the bottle and waited. After five minutes, I had a hot steaming cup of coffee, two pretty hard cereal bars and a little sun. After a long time of wasting time, I finally got loose at half past nine in the direction of Hohenhewen (844m).

    At lunchtime Engen was tempting, so I changed the route and drank a coffee and strolled through the town. But then, high to Anselfingen, there was halli-galli carnival parade with 50 people, so half the village. I'm right in the middle and was a little stupid before. The trail up to the ruins was a huge one, it was (very) warm, at least on the ascent was T-shirt weather. After many small breaks around 15:00 clock arrived at the top, rested, climbed onto the observation deck, read the signs and made me at 16:00 clock to the descent. The hose, of course, as well as the rise.

    Down then still quite a while the Poetenblick Geocache (GC278FE) searched and not found, hobbled to Welschingen to the station (the knuckles ..), where the rest of Vesper plastered and driven back to Konstanz.

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