Half-rope "Pendi" from Mammut in the test

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    Half-rope "Pendi" from Mammut in the test

    In the test: the 8.0 Pendi half rope from Mammut, with SuperDry impregnation and anti-crane gel technology. We took a closer look at the rope - on glacier tours with light climbs.


    In the description it says that the rope does not have to be unrolled as usual, because it does not shed by itself or it was already shot in the factory correctly. The first unrolling showed that, in beautiful loops the rope falls to the ground. Only a few extra turns are quickly shaken out. Very pleasant. Since one should not try out with conventional ropes, how much they handle the wrong handling at the beginning or not, of course you have no direct comparison. That the process here but as promised deleted, I consider that times as a big plus!


    When we first use it, we notice it like dandruff: Maybe you should have marked the rope in the middle to accelerate the roping. Then we see that the rope has already been marked black in the middle of the factory. Although not sewn, but hopefully applied with raffle color. Great thing.


    The new rope is not soaked even in the sultry snow on the last ski tour on July 1 of the year and in the late summertime Sulzschnee on the high tours. Of course, the impregnation is still complete, the passage of time will show how fast it wears off. But I'm optimistic.

    Use and handling

    Super suitable for crevasse fall protection on glacier tours with roped parties up to 5 persons as well as on batten tours in the low difficulty range. Especially for the reason that you can make sure that the rope does not run too much over sharp edges.


    According to data sheet 42 g / m, makes at 50 meters length 2.1 kg, and thus a pleasantly light rope for tricky situations or only occasional use on the Tour.Wer previously always run or climbed with a normal rope, the low Estimate the weight of the rope. This especially if it is carried in the backpack stowed through the area.


    All in all a great rope for the described situations, with great price for maximum performance!



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