Well prepared for the alpine hiking tour

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    Well prepared for the alpine hiking tour

    (Advertising) The Alps offer a unique backdrop for every hiking and nature enthusiast. The highest mountain range in Europe covers an area of 200,000 square kilometers and measures with the highest mountain Mont Blanc up to 4,810 vertical meters.

    It does not have to be that high, of course, and it does not have to be an entire alpine crossing, because there are also many smaller trips and destinations that are suitable for every level of the hiker. No matter whether you want to push your limits or plan a less challenging activity holiday in the Alps, here everyone really gets their money's worth.

    But before you go hiking in the Alps, it is always advisable to prepare properly. After all, one does not want to get completely dried up for lack of water, with wet feet because of bad shoes and with burning lungs and shaking legs on the halfway track. With these tips, your hiking tour in the Alps will be perfect.

    The personal fitness

    We are all well aware that it should be said again before it goes into the mountains: hiking is more than a walk and physically challenges us a lot. Before you go on the rocky road into the mountains, a certain physical fitness should be present. A few smaller hiking trails before going on a walking holiday are the best way to train endurance while hiking. Approximately two smaller hikes a week In the weeks leading up to the holiday, you can slowly increase in length to be perfectly prepared. Shortly before the tour, the routes should be shortened again slightly. A healthy and balanced diet should always be the nuts and bolts, but especially before going on active holidays, keep your fingers away from fries, chips and burgers, and be more likely to get fruits, vegetables and wholegrain. Strength training offers strength training especially for the legs so that they can also carry the body weight over the rocks.

    That comes with

    No one wants to be in the middle of the mountain when you run out of water. Walking with blisters on the feet due to the wrong footwear is probably not fun. Therefore, even before the tour should be the right equipment ago. Even if one or the other shopping and preparation fan shines his eyes here, care should be taken at the same time. It does not always have to be the newest and most expensive of the best, minimal equipment, with the bare essentials that we need on the tour is quite sufficient. All according to the motto of the minimalists It is often best to leave behind those items that are not needed. So you will also directly loose a lot of ballast, you do not have to tow up the mountain. Ideally, the backpack should weigh no more than 8kg, the water bottle or water system, and snacks that provide long-lasting power, such as granola bars and bread. Solid mountain boots that fit well and have been tried and tested before, comfortable breathable underwear and weatherproof outerwear are the basic features of an alpine hiker. With the right one Gearmakes hiking twice as fun and no one sits suddenly freezing and wet on the mountain.

    If you are on your way to the Alps to spend some kilometers hiking, you should prepare well before the trip. The two most important things are personal fitness so that you do not stop breathing halfway and the right equipment to take you up the mountain. In keeping with the selected route, neither should be neglected. Do you have the necessary endurance for the tour? Do you eat well? Do the hiking boots fit well and does not scratch the breathable underwear? Is not the backpack overloaded?

    Great - let's go!



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