Golden hiking autumn in the Kleinwalsertal

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    Golden hiking autumn in the Kleinwalsertal

    (Advertising) Hiking in the Kleinwalsertal has a long tradition, but it was already in the blood of the primal Walser. Around the year 1000, the Alemanni immigrated to Valais. From there, shepherds and farmers populate the Alps to the south and east - the Valais became Walser.

    With the beginning of the tourist development of the Austrian Alps, it went uphill for the relatively secluded valley. Today, the Kleinwalsertal is among the top three most popular destinations in Austria.

    Sounding mountain names such as the Hohe Ifen, the Kanzelwand, the Großer Widderstein, in summer attract hikers, climbers and trail runners to the more than 2000 meters high peaks that line the valley. For winter sports, the valley is well developed with various lifts and invites you to skiing, snowboarding and ski touring.


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    Hiking and climbing in Kleinwalsertal the official summer video

    Hiking, climbing and trail running in the Kleinwalsertal

    As a little inspiration for the sporty getaway in Kleinwalsertal, we have selected three tours that show the valley and the surrounding mountains at their best.

    Up the pulpit wall

    Starting point is Riezlern. Taleinwärts it goes in the direction of the outer fresh water and secondary water. When the Brandalpe bursts, the mountain is tested. Continue over the Kuhgerenspitze or Hammerspitze to the Kuhgerensattel and continue through the large hollow of the upper Zweienalpe to the summit. Here it is possible to take off again with the cable car.

    Via ferrata classic Mindelheimer via ferrata

    The classic par excellence: the Mindelheimer via ferrata. A beautiful tightrope walk leads in about 8 hours over the three Schafalp heads and the Kemptner Köpfle over rugged dolomite. Difficulty B - C, requires good physical condition and experience because of its length.

    Trail running Widdersteintrail

    One of the many raisins in the cake of the trails in the Kleinwalsertal is certainly the Widdersteintrail. The fifteen-kilometer circuit from Baad leads through the Gemstel valley via Widdersteinhütte and the Seeköpfe and Alpe Wiederstein back to Baad over almost 1,000 vertical meters. 

    Relaxed nights in a noble spa ambience

    After the mountain "work" done, that lures Travel Charme Ifen Hotel in Hirschegg in the Kleinwalsertal. If you like, you can exhaust yourself during the day and relax in the evening in the beautiful PURIA Premium Spa area of the hotel. Various applications relax the muscles and the mind. Rounded off with culinary delicacies from the kitchen, the day in the Kleinwalsertal comes to an end. But you can also, after a day on the trails, a deep relaxing rest day in the hotel, the offer is so varied, that definitely no boredom arises!

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