Geocache round with bivouac sack test

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    Geocache round with bivouac sack test

    On Thursday afternoon we went to a small geocaching round and to test the bivy bag Bivibag Storm 1 from Salewa. In order to get a realistic test environment, I wanted to try the part in bad weather and rain.

    Said, done: I started in the early evening, a few hours and three geocaches later, I discovered a perfect place for a bivouac under dense trees that keep the rain out. Luckily I had packed a big garbage bag for my backpack and shoes! A small campfire gave consolation and tea-water, and quickly I rolled on my mattress and slept soon.

    bivouac sack

    Although there are much lighter and less packable bivouac sacks, this one seems to be neat and stable. At the foot end, a zipper is installed, which I also leave open immediately, to achieve some ventilation. The sleeping bag fits in perfectly, but the creeping in is a bit artistic. It was also cumbersome to find a sleeping position that was comfortable on the one hand, and prevented the bivvy sack's headboard from lying on the other. From sleeping comfort in the night I can not report, since I just slept 🙂

    In the morning it was a bit clammy, because quite a lot of condensation had accumulated. My synthetic sleeping bag was quite moist from the outside. I turned the bivy bag 'on the left', shook it vigorously a few times, packed everything, allowed myself a quick breakfast with cereal and coffee, and stomped through the drizzle toward home.


    As an emergency shelter or with light luggage this bivy bag works well. Somehow I already missed my little tent. It just feels less cramped, especially because you have more headroom and feel a bit more protected. Here at the lake is also a mosquito net not to be despised, I had after the bivouac night despite mosquito repellent some stitches. 

    All in all, I would rather spend more money and take a smaller and lighter bivouac sack: the ratio of weight and pack size to the already low comfort should at least be much better with a lighter bivouac sack.

    Meanwhile, we had other models in the test: the small and light Twilight from Black Diamond and the luxurious ones Helium from Outdoor Research, Both can be a lot in terms of comfort and breathability, but also have their price.





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