For city and country: the AKU Bellamont Plus

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    For city and country: the AKU Bellamont Plus

    Italian craftsmanship to feel good! AKU produces with the Bellamont a comfortable shoe with outdoor reserves.

    The manufacturer: AKU

    The Italian manufacturer AKU has been producing mountaineering boots for more than thirty years - and after sustainable and ethical Aspects. According to the company homepage, only raw materials that can be traced transparently are used in the two factories in Italy and Romania; the entire production chain is as clean and sustainable as possible. For example, they already rely on recycling and reusable materials during product development and production. At the other end of the production chain, they managed to completely dispense plastic packaging materials. A manufacturer that is worth another look.

    The product: Bellamont Plus

    The Bellamont Plus is a chic shoe for the city, but with enough reserves for a trip to the countryside. Very clean processed and equipped with a grippy Vibram sole, he forgives without further ado the access to the climbing rock. In the city you can see his outdoor background only partially and at second glance: the toe and heel cap made of rubber reveals him.

    Manufactured according to environmentally friendly guidelines, the leather is tanned completely chromium-free. Few tanneries worldwide can do that, and one of these tanneries is just 80 kilometers from the Montebelluna headquarters. 

    The midsole contains recycled material, 99% of the materials come from Europe. The Bellamont Plus is made entirely in Italy, a deliberate renunciation of low-wage countries in the production is self-evident for AKU.

    The supply chain of the Bellamont Plus is particularly short: for example, the rawhide comes from Tuscany, the coconut fiber footbed is made in Germany, the laces from Scandinavia, etc. The paths are short, the quality high.

    The nubuck outer leather makes the shoe not only visually special: it is pleasantly soft and airy, but still waterproof. The inner leather regulates the climate, insulated in cold weather and is not too warm even at plus degrees.

    Note on "waterproof": the shoe is _not_ waterproof, meaning it has no waterproof and breathable membrane installed. The leather is tight with good care, however, he will let through the water in harsh conditions such as a wet meadow at the seams!

    In practice

    The shoe takes a few miles, until it almost snuggles up to the foot. He offers, with a similar lightweight feel, much more grip and protection as a sneaker. It seems a bit slippery to me on wet and rocky ground, but that may have been due to the combination of cold and wet, where most of the rubber compounds fail.

    An excursion into the forest he can handle easily, and the cleaning afterwards is wonderfully easy. The fine nubuck leather forgives also a little coarser handling, sharp branches and the cleaning brush, and requires only a little leather fat now and then. Be careful, check here at a hidden point to see if the leather is discolored!



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