Spring hike in early March: Weinfelden - Konstanz

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    Spring hike in early March: Weinfelden - Konstanz

    Actually we wanted from Weinfelden to Sulgen on the Mittelthurgau Schlossweg to run. But already above Weinfelden we took several 'short cuts'. What we have done wonderfully to bypass all locks. In Berg, we then decided without further ado to save the cost of driving home and to go the rest of the way back to Konstanz.

    In addition to the tour was also the newly acquired SPOT there. Mainly to perform an initial function test. Admirable is the result of the tracking on the share your adventure Map. However, because of our chosen interval "every 30 minutes" the map is not very precise. But for tracking the SPOT was indeed not purchased. The aim is also to be able to transmit messages in areas with little infrastructure, status or emergency. At the moment the device is at Sven in Chile.

    Although we did not (almost) see any castles, it was still fun and the initially cloudy weather was kind to us. Behind Kreuzlingen we are on the large pond It is idyllically situated in the forest and has a few old fortifications. Visiting is a good destination for a Sunday walk.




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