Exped Sirius II Extreme review

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    Exped Sirius II Extreme review

    The Sirius II Extreme Tunnel Tent offers nearly three square meters of living space for every season. The 4-Seasons tent of the Swiss luxury manufacturer Exped is a bulwark against the forces of nature and elaborate down to the last detail.

    Silicone vs. PU coating

    The addition "Extreme" gets the Sirius 2 Extreme, because the outer skin, compared to the normal version, consists of a lighter and more robust material: nylon with silicone coating. This makes the fabric lighter and more UV resistant than a normal PU coating.

    The disadvantage of the silicone coating then appeared in pouring rain: the seams can not be easily taped as in PU tents. By default, when wet, swelling fibers are used as the yarn for the seams, which however do not always completely seal. A post-treatment of the seams of the outer tent with seam sealer is therefore recommended. But except for a few drops at one point of the seam in the foot area, it was completely sealed - even the extra thick floor with 10,000mm water column, which was in the mud for days.

    Construction and dismantling of the Sirius II Extreme

    The construction of the two-person tent is fast and above all dry: the inner tent is already attached from the factory to the outer tent. The foot area is anchored to the floor with two pegs, then push the two poles through the channels and hook into the retaining tabs. Then the tent is set up from the front by train, the entrance area fixed to the ground, once lashed around, done. If necessary, that is in strong winds, you can still tent the tent at up to 18 points.

    The taut stretching of the tunnel construction requires some practice if you are used to self-standing Geodätzelte, but runs from time to time better. You should therefore practice building the tent quietly at home, twice, so you do not have to try it out in the night when it rains. The best is a somewhat cross-shaped bracing in the foot has proven.

    Construction and details

    A tunnel tent like the Sirius II Extreme has, due to the better use of space due to the relatively straight side walls, an enormous amount of space in the inner tent. It can sit upright right there, but it is wonderfully spacious and bright for two people. A large part of the equipment also fits in the foot area. A pleasantly large apse with a multi-adjustable door leaves enough space for equipment and, in bad weather, you can even cook in it. The matching Floorsaver moves far into the entrance area, so you do not have to get in and out of the mud. In real bad weather, you can simply unhook the inner tent in front and push it backwards and in this way can increase the apse considerably. The installation and removal of the inner tent is done thanks to the anchor construction of the suspension fix.

    Ventilation and weather protection

    The ventilation of the tent works great. The high-mounted ventilation flaps on both ends of the tent can of course be opened and closed from the inside. Mosquito nets on the complete front door and generously in the almost complete foot area ventilate in warm temperatures, for more wind protection and insulation, all mosquito nets can be zipped. The foot area of the outer tent can even be rolled up completely!

    Storage space and space

    The Sirius II also offers storage space for the big trekking: in the apsle and in the footwell also large trekking rucksacks can be accommodated, in each case three large pockets on the sides of the inner tent take up the small things of the daily need. A clothesline on the ceiling and an additionally available Gear Loft as an "attic" complete the storage space and keep order in the tent.


    The outer tent can be stretched without a inner tent, plus two additional straps are included in the well-assorted accessory bag. The inner tent is simply hooked into the outer tent by means of anchors and eyelets, decoupling is a matter of a few minutes. Of course, the inner tent is also alone, or, as a compromise, the foot of the outer tent can be completely rolled up.

    Typically Exped It is the details that make the brand so likeable and valuable: the simple pack bags of the reflective guy lines, the bag that holds poles, pegs and other accessories such as additional guy lines or patch material, the ingeniously simple pack bag that holds the entire tent just rolled up, the many details on the tent itself - of which I will certainly discover in the course of time a few more.


    We were convinced by the remarkably clean workmanship and the excellent equipment. Even the little things are thought out and overall the tent is very easy to handle. The only criticisms that can be made are the slightly difficult foot part and the rather meager instructions for the Sirius 2 Extreme.



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