Exped sleeping pads

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    Exped sleeping pads

    "Getting mats that are warm, comfortable, durable, airtight, lightweight, packable and sturdy is like squaring the circle," says Exped Homepage stuck - I would say they have succeeded!

    Exped makes with his mattresses, as it can go. The mats are actually air mattresses, so offer their comfort, but without the co-criterion of LuMas: their poor isolation. However, in order to achieve a good to very good insulation, the Exped masters incorporate additional insulation material in their sleeping pads.

    Meanwhile, I own two different mats for different climates and requirements:

    The flagship

    At the award-winning flagship, the DownMat 9 XP, is isolated with goose down. With a filling of 700 down, this mat reaches extreme insulation values (R value 8 to - 38 ° C) with a low weight of just 930g. But beware: at temperatures above 0 ° C you sweat "from below"!

    The easy

    Smaller packable and lighter on the other hand is the AirMat Lite 5, my light summer bed. It only weighs 550g and still reaches an R-value of 0.7 (up to 11 ° C). My standard mat, rolled up barely larger than a 0.5l soda can!


    With a height of 5 or 9 cm, you can still crawl into the sleeping bag quite relaxed even after 4 weeks - without bruises on the hips, which have already been damaged by the hip belt anyway.

    So far I was able to work in tougher conditions in Morocco or Chile no weaknesses discover - however I deal with these not directly favorable mats also very careful, ie on the tour the sleeping place is scrupulously searched for pointed branches and stones, after the tour dust and dirt are washed off and the mats are stored open and lying spread.



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