Evernew Appalachian Set - Titanium alcohol stove

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    Evernew Appalachian Set - Titanium alcohol stove

    Light, lighter, titanium! The complete ultralight "built-in" kitchen Appalachian set With Evernew's Ti Pot 500 and spirit burner ECA 268R, it does not weigh in at 200 grams, but it's sufficient to easily and quickly fix hot water or water one-pot dishes prepare.

    The special feature of this sophisticated spirit-cooker system is that you can not only use alcohol or other high-percentage alcohol as fuel, but also Esbit tablets and as a hob cooker can even burn wood.

    Construction and assembly

    All the items are pushed together to fit into the 500ml Titanium Pot: the holder for the cooker, a windscreen and pot holder, the burner itself and a grate. A small cloth prevents the parts from clattering.

    The lower part of the Evernew Appalachian set is also the holder for the burner. The best is filled with alcohol and hung in the notch of the lower part. Then the top, the windbreak, is put over it. The distance to the spirit burner may like to be very small. Three small noses prevent complete slipping. If you want to burn Esbit or wood, instead of the burner you put the little rust and build the cooker "high" together, ie the top is turned around so that there is a lot of space between the fire and the pot.

    Tuning and MYOG

    From isolated and reflective material (similar to Reflectix) - for example, from the silver mats for the windshield on the car - you can get one Pot Cozy Tinker. I made a two-fingered glove out of the blend so as not to burn my fingers on the pot. My next project is "freezer bag cooking", making home-grown food suitable for tractors. For that I will make the pouches myself.

    On small vial with fold-out spout makes the bumpless and accurate filling of the required amount of alcohol easier. 


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    Ausrüstung für Klettern, Bergsport und Outdoor bei kaufen

    Leicht, leichter, Titan! Die komplette ultralight "Einbau"-Küche Appalachian Set mit Ti Pot 500 und Spiritus-Brenner ECA 268R von Evernew bringt keine 200 Gramm auf die Waage, ist aber ausreichend, um unkompliziert und fix heißes Wasser oder one-pot Gerichte zuzubereiten. Das Besondere an diesem ausgefeilten Spirituskocher-System ist, dass man damit...Evernew Appalachian Set - Spirituskocher aus Titan