First snow tour over the Hochwangkette

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    First snow tour over the Hochwangkette

    The snow in Switzerland is here. Is it enough for a snowshoe tour / ski tour? From Langwies GR (1317m) it goes up to the Mattjisch Horn (2461m), then follows the long descent to Jenaz (723m).

    Departure is at 23:45 in Langwies GR (1317m), The Rhaetian Railway goes steeply up in the valley towards Arosa, of the beautiful landscape and the many engineering structures, but we get in the dark, of course, nothing. There is unexpectedly little snow down here, apparently the sun has done a great job during the day. We walk over freshly fertilized Kuhwiesen up to Schluocht and on to the road P. 1492, After a short stretch of the - still snow-free - trail branches off towards Pirigen and runs moderately steep through forests and glades. We can usually do without a headlamp, the full moon brightens our way and we even cast shadows! After just over an hour we reach so Pirigen (1773m), which consists of a collection of huts. Here begins the closed snow cover, which is so hard that we do not need any snowshoes yet. On the expansive alpine meadows behind it we make ourselves comfortable, marvel at the mountain landscape illuminated by the moon.

    In the morning we go it comfortably, after all, it is not far to the summit. With the snowshoes Let's start, about the wide flat slopes roughly direction P. 2060 and on scattered huts and shelters. To the east of the Spitzenbüel the trail runs in a 90 ° curve, we follow the obvious terrain and soon reach the Wit Furgga (2323m), from which it only briefly over the ridge goes and we at 11 o'clock on the Mattjisch Horn (2461m) stand. The trendy hair dryer is just a warm breeze, there is a lot of snow up here and the view in all directions is simply magnificent. In the north the Prättigau with the rock faces of Schesaplana, Drusenfluh and Sulzfluh, in the south the view towards the transition to the Engadine. In the west, dark clouds are blowing over the mountains, we are standing in the warming sun 🙂 Everything done right again.

    With skis you would best drive down the northern flank, so beautiful powdery and the snow looks untouched and untouched. With the snowshoes we take the flatter path and walk down the northwest ridge, but we can do it P. 2277 no longer holding back and running down through the powder snow through ditches and slopes. Shortly before the Upper Cluner Lake (2102m) still a short steep spot, and we are back in the sun and in the flat. That's it with the powder, the snow is getting sulzer and wet, which makes him perfect for snowballs. At the Mountain house Arflina (2000m) go past and along the slopes of Caua. In the snow and grassy slope at P. 2146 we unpack the avalanche transceivers and let each one of us search. Such an exercise is profitable at the beginning of the season, after all, the last ski tour is half a year ago. 

    over Obersäss (2024m) and Untersäss (1824m) Then it goes on the soon aperen way in the direction of the valley. Slowly it gets dark, and shortly before Jenaz we have to turn on the headlamps. Shortly after 18 clock we come to laaaangem descent on the forest road then happy at the station of Jenaz (723m) on.

    The conditions for a ski tour were not good yet, but before that too much snow had melted away. If the first falls again, the area with its wide slopes is ideal for touring skiers.



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