Enziano - the digital climbing guide

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    Enziano - the digital climbing guide

    Normally it's about the same when climbing: choose a climbing area, ask around if someone has a topo for it. When in doubt, buy the topo and then lug around the thick book in the climbing gardens. During the alpine climbing, I started to copy out the relevant pages and also to photograph them with the digital camera. accelerates and simplifies this procedure immensely, especially in the climbing garden: the desired topos can now purchased online become. You do not even have to print them anymore, but you can get comfortable with them Smartphone load and have them with you offline. Whereby of course print is synonymous.

    For the test of the app, I have unlocked my house climbing garden: the Mägdeberg. Since I also have the paper topo, I can compare well whether and what differences there are and, above all, what is more practical.

    If you choose Enziano your desired climbing area, an overview page with the most important Information about the area, More about the rock as symbols for the character of the climbing, the wall height, exposure, the route distribution by difficulty, but also seasonal information and weather forecast are clearly summarized at a glance. Some photos, the general description of the area and rock, possibly local climbing rules or restrictions and a detailed directions and boarding directions including clickable navigation to the Google Navi round off the picture. At least for the Mägdeberg in any case applies: it is the same Topos, whether digital or paper.

    Enziano sees itself as a service provider that represents a bridge between climbers and authors of climbing guides. Accordingly, the respective authors are responsible for the data quality. Enziano represents the digital Infrastructure, ie the app and the website as well as the distribution ready. That works quite well, despite the beta status of the service. The topos are zoomable on the screen and the printouts are good to use. The app runs (for a beta product) already quite round and is above all intuitive to use.

    As is often the case when getting used to it from analog to digital technology At first it is strange to have no paper in your fingers. I already know that from eBook readers, and that's very similar with Enziano. Here, as with ebooks, the same problems apply: you can not "lend" the thing, you no longer stand at the foot of a rock around a paper topo and read, but a significantly smaller smartphone. Even a "re-look" is difficult, if the partner does not know the lock code of the smartphone. The battery should not suddenly go empty. The pitfalls of technology stop, which one with the best more Technology encountered 😉

    I'm curious to see how the project develops - for example, a ticklist, the evaluation of individual routes and the like would be a nice thing. Enziano could thus outdo the many other half-baked climbing apps on the market.



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