Compensation for flight delays - your right

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    Compensation for flight delays - your right

    (Advertising) According to EU law, your compensation for flight delays and cancellations is up to 600 euros. Get the money you deserve!

    Now he is finally here, the long-awaited vacation, which one waits yearningly all year long and the anticipation is now huge. In good spirits, it goes to the airport, but exactly here, the joy is already clouded when it comes to a flight delay or even a failure of the aircraft. The trouble is great, but at least you should know that you are entitled to compensation in this case. Portals for air passenger rights like help you make that claim. As a result, the compensation claim is effortless and easy for you and you will still be pleased by the improvement of the holiday cassock.

    Compensation for delays according to passenger rights

    The airlines do not like to clarify about it, but there are passenger rights, which are recorded in the EU passenger rights regulation. It states that airlines must provide certain services in the event of unscheduled flight delays or cancellations to passengers. In addition to the supply of snacks and drinks at the airport during the waiting period, the possible costs of an overnight stay and the transfer to and from the hotel must be paid. In addition, the airline has to pay compensation for a delay of three hours. Their exact height depends on the distance of the route. Only in so-called "exceptional circumstances" is the airline exempt from the obligation to pay. These are if they are proven to be responsible for the delay, for example, in extremely bad weather conditions or a strike. You are entitled to the compensation payment if you are traveling with an EU airline or if you are starting your flight with an international airline within the EU.

    When are you entitled to compensation?

    If you have a flight delay of at least three hours, you have the right to a compensation payment. The amount of this payment is between 250 and 600 euros, depending on the flight distance. With a flight distance of less than 1,500 kilometers you are entitled to 250 euros, at a distance of 1,500 to 3,500 kilometers, it is 400 euros and at more than 3,500 kilometers you have a claim to 600 euros. How much the flight tickt originally tasted, does not matter. This even applies if the compensation amount is ultimately higher than the initial travel costs. The same applies to completely failed flights.

    Claim the right to compensation

    Although the right to compensation is regulated in the Passenger Rights Regulation, it is usually difficult for private individuals to claim their payment single-handedly. Finally, airlines do not simply hand over the money. Long telephone queues and missing replies to e-mails are practically on the agenda. Then comes a reaction, the above-mentioned extraordinary circumstances are often used as an excuse to make any payment. For people without legal know-how and lack of experience in the field of air passenger rights, it is then usually difficult to understand whether the claim is actually deleted or not. If you go to court, you also bear the cost risk and have trouble and trouble in the demand of the money. Right here comes the platform for air passenger rights in the game. An experienced team of experts takes over the compensation claim for affected travelers. This eliminates any expense as well as the risk of remaining on court costs. After a quick input of the flight data on the online platform, travelers can thus enjoy worry-free and stress-free on their compensation payment. Thus, the holiday cassock is filled up for the next trip and you still pull something positive from the initially unpleasant situation.

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