Elbsandsteingebirge ... off to the wild hell!

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    Elbsandsteingebirge ... off to the wild hell!

    Even if we only partially successful forest trail We really liked the scenery so much that we wanted to spend another day in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

    After a restful night at the campsite Ostrava mill (at Altendorf) we are bursting with energy and start in pure sunshine (! YES!). Like so many others, we plunge into the Malerweg. As a climber is a side trip to Falkenstein Mandatory. Here it is much quieter and yet soo nice! Some walls are eagerly conquered and we join them for some time. In Elbe sandstone the use of Friends, slips, magnesia etc. is prohibited. Here is still climbing with ropes and knots. The sandstone thanks.

    The Schrammstein is overrun, but there is a reason. A magnificent view! On the narrow paths is congestion. This is on the following Gratweg always a topic. It is already quieter before the backroad, but we turn to the monkey climbing from.

    Below the Carolafelsen it goes into the hell, or wild hell. This is unclear because the narrow path is suddenly gone. We are happy about any path that leads past any climbing rocks. So rather wandered between the hells. Pfft. Oh, my pulse rises and I can not complain anymore. An unmistakable sign that my heart is slipping into my pants. The paths are sometimes spectacularly steep over roots and scrub. Now the naming is clear.

    I'm looking forward to crazy when we finally find a broad, bleached way again. The Malerweg. It's time to return to the Flösser campsite. We would like to walk along the river Kinitzsch and prepare for a leisurely departure. But this part of the Flössersteig is sometimes challenging for the tired legs. Concentrate again and then ... finally ... put your feet up at the finish and let it all go with a beer. Fantastic tour.




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