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    Ice climbing: the classics at Sertig

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    Ice climbing: the classics at Sertig

    I admit: I did it again. After the last time Ice climbing in January I thought: that certainly will not be my favorite discipline! Very exhausting, very cold, and pretty ... steep. But a short email was enough and I was there. I just agreed.

    A bit hangover, it started punctually at six o'clock and the ride made me pretty. Maybe I was a little more hangover than I wanted to admit, I had not slept much. After a long two hours' drive, then the redemption: cool, fresh air, beautiful weather and a rather stotziger rise to the ice falls refreshed the body and head.

    The line on the far right in the couloir should be enough to warm up: first rope length approx. 60m WI2-3, second rope length 50m WI3. After exactly two hours we were back at the backpack depot.

    Halfway up the line to the left, the left Ypsilon WI3 +, at about 2 pm, they left me: the evening before retaliated, I was struggling with circulatory problems, and the temperature rose noticeably. Half hanging from an abalakov, I tried to tackle it with praise and calm. No chance. We roped off to safety far below the falls from the boulders that shot out of the wall.

    We sat quite comfortably for some time and enjoyed the snowy mountains around us. Luckily I had the stove with coffee, mashed potatoes and other goodies.




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