One-day kiteboarding on 1 June on the Cima di Jazzi

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    One-day kiteboarding on 1 June on the Cima di Jazzi

    Long and harmless glacier ski tour from Zermatt (1605m) over the Findel Glacier to the Cima di Jazzi (3803m) and back.

    The summer has dawned, the last tours with light luggage and a quick kick in Ticino are still sitting in the legs. Nevertheless, after the last snowfalls and loud attractive tour reports on the internet, we are drawn back to higher mountains, and that with skis. These mountains are most likely to be found in Switzerland in the canton of Valais, which is why we go to Zermatt (1605M) drive.

    There we arrive at midnight by train. In well-known manner, we fill our bottles in the station toilet and make our way through the village. It's Saturday night, but in the off-season, there's something going on in two pubs. We strapped the skis and boots on our backs and put on some sneakers to make the snow-free first kilometers easier to run. We follow the signs Winkelmatten (P. 1672) and branch off on the trail towards Findeln (Ze Gassen). This leads up in serpentines through the narrow forest belt, in an ideal slope, where you make fast altitude. A cat likes to join us a little through the night. Soon we will reach Ze Gassen (P. 2051), and go on towards Gant, first steeply past the ski bar "Chez Vroni" and then right along the slope to the Mosjesee (P. 2140), There is still no snow here (June is clear), but in the northern slope on the other side of the valley. Once you have passed the lake, you reach it Gant pretty fast, either left or right of the stream.

    This is where two ski lifts meet, and the last part of the trail even reaches here. It is now a quarter to two, so we spread out on a concrete slab and enjoy the cloudless sky with a clear view of the Matterhorn. After all the little stones are removed from the plate, we can also get sleeping mat and sleeping bag and fall asleep practically instantaneously.

    The alarm goes off at 6:30, it's already daylight outside, and halfway rested we go packing. In the morning it is already quite fresh, but for the ski tour we have packed anyway glove, hat and Primaloftjacke. We store sleeping things, sneakers, etc. behind a large stone and make us in ski clothes on the way. Unfortunately, the trail ends after about 50 meters and we buckle off again, first to the wide path and then the trail to P. 2483 to follow. From here, the snow cover is closed again, but is still so strong that we continue to leave the skis on the backpack, as we move so faster. Around the debris mountains left behind by the glacier we follow well visible departure lanes and reach at approx. 2600m the glacier.

    Here we finally strap on, the sun also comes out over the beam horn and warms a bit. Since we have a rope with us, we put that on too. Although not really necessary on this glacier, but the fresh snow on the melting snow cover you can be careful. So it starts on the long flat Findelgletscher, always towards the Weissgrat. The hours and miles pass, the pathfinding is obvious, as the Cima is straight ahead all the time. Varied breaks, for example a pile on the wide glacier, are very welcome :). The snow makes you really want to downhill, with increasing altitude, it is always powdery. Shortly below the summit, we come upon the tracks of two predecessors, but they drove over the Weisstor. And shortly thereafter: On the highest peak of the Weissgrats, the Cima di Jazzi (3803m).

    Although at this high altitude, Rimpfischhorn (4199m) and Strahlhorn (4190m) are on the left and the Monte Rosa massif (4634m) on the right is looking down on us. An awesome view of these mountain giants, and opposite the Zermatt the Matterhorn, Dent Blanche, Weisshorn and the other four-thousander. Really a beautiful corner of the Alps, the hammer. The Monte Rosa east wall can be seen from here, the view to the east over the Ticino to the Engadin is unfortunately under clouds. At the summit we vespern first, as far as we can see, no one else is on the way.

    From Gant to the summit we needed 6 hours with breaks, it is now 12 noon.

    After a long break, we are very hot, because now it's finally down, and again on skis. A fantastic descent awaits us. Top powder, then the same a little heavier, good for surfing, and from about 3400m then optimal slope conditions. Hard surface with minimal powder coating, which creates funny driving patterns when seen from below. Once back at the glacier tongue, we do not even pack it. When we have gathered, we go further, we have to cross the slope. Again at P. 2483 arrived, we meet two who have departed from the Strahlhorn.

    We do not stay up long, but shoulder the skis, slip down the last snowfields and run back to P. 2314, This is where the last remainder of the ski slope begins, so buckle up again and enjoy the 30-second downhill to Gant. But that was probably the last ski downhill, before finally going into the summer. In Gant Let's take a long break, dry our clothes and put on the light shoes again.

    The downhill to Zermatt is beautiful, blue sky and postcard view of the Matterhorn. We follow our ascent path and reach Winkelmatten at about 17 clock, which leaves us plenty of time, us before the railway station to sit down, to watch the goings-on and to drink two beers. On the ski tour!

    Ascent and descent 2200Hm. Even in high winter easy and safe ski tour. Super nice glacier downhill, nowhere steep. As a more relaxed tour of the Stockhorn feasible, but you have to pay for the lift. Equipment: Actually no rope, avalanche equipment only in tricky conditions and Stockhornroute. However, the mountain will not lower, so acclimatize, take a lot of drinks and sunscreen and a GPS, if it is cloudy.



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