One day hike on the Piz Morteratsch

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    One day hike on the Piz Morteratsch

    Lengthy long high tour in the Engadine, from Pontresina (1774m) via the Tschiervahütte (2584m) to the Piz Morteratsch (3751m) and descent via the Bovalhütte (2495m) and Morteratsch back to the starting point.

    We arrive by train at 11pm Pontresina It's cooler here than at the lower Bodensee. The well-known fountain at the toilet house is still claimed, before we are in almost starry sky on the way to the Val Roseg do. We can walk in T-shirt, it goes through the picturesque fir groves on almost flat trail a few kilometers straight. Here it is quiet, only after over an hour we reach the intersection, from which a way direction Hotel Roseg leads. Here we hear the bass of any party in the house, but since our beer has to wait until tomorrow evening, we continue straight on, always following the signs to the Tschiervahütte. As the trail travels through a forest belt one last time, we lie down in our bivouac sacks and set the alarm clock two hours later. The Milky Way is directly above us, as civilization signs you can see only the flashing antenna of the mountain station on the Piz Corvatsch.

    At 4:00 o'clock it continues, the path runs along the mountainside of Piz Tschierva, now gaining more and more height. As the twilight dawns, we see the glaciated valley of the Val Roseg, with its ridge tops at about 3500m. The mighty glacier stage in front of the Piz Roseg is also increasingly coming into view, where the Tschierváj glacier jerks over 400 hm. On the upper flatter track, we already see a roped party moving in the direction of Piz Roseg, which we will be watching again and again with our eyes on the tour. Shortly after 5 o'clock we stand on the terrace of the Tschiervahütte (P. 2584), and now you can also see the famous Biancograt on the Piz Bernina. The "Himmelsleiter" ends in clouds passing over from Italy, on the Swiss side the sky is cloudless.

    After a short break, which should not be too short, so that the fatigue does not come back, we make our way again, a few other rope teams from the hut are just getting ready. The path continues for a few minutes on the normal route to Biancograt until it branches off to the left on a marked stone. Slowly but steadily we walk steeply uphill, overcoming a few rock steps (partly with wire and iron protection), snow fields and made relatively fast over 300 Hm! It should always be that fast ...

    On approx. 3000 m you get to the low-column Vadrettin da Tschiervaon which to rise flat. Here you can follow either the curved glacier course or more or less in a straight line (a little less flat) on the Fuorcla da Boval (P. 3347) run. Since we have the new rope with us and we always do it on principle anyway, we rope up soon, even if (at least on the left edge of the glacier) the danger of falling is very small. It is going well, from Fuorcla da Boval we are then in the sun, the snow, initially hard, is getting softer. Luckily, there's a good track in it, that's nice. From Fuorcla it gets steeper until the back to North Ridge is reached. It widens the view of the "Festival Hall of the Alps", on the huge Morteratsch and Pers glacier with Piz Palü, Bellavista and the other high peaks in the background.

    250 hm are still waiting for us, the track runs in serpentines in the steep east flank direction P. 3611, the snow is getting good and the first ones are already sliding towards us. Arriving on the north ridge you have an impressive view to the right and left, it is enjoyable uphill slightly, until we are at 9 o'clock on the Summit (3751m) stand.

    From the Tschiervahütte to here we needed about 4 hours, which is good to create with 300 meters in the hour. The height can be noticed here already.

    From the summit there is an impressive view of the Biancograt, which I committed two years ago with another buddy. The summit of the only four-thousander in the region (eastwards there is no longer in the Alps), Piz Bernina, but lies in the clouds, which only occasionally allow a brief look. The roped party on the Piz Roseg, which climbs up the east wall, is now already in the clouds. The view with the giants in the back is sensational, the mountains are all far below this height, and we can even see the Alpstein massif with the Säntis 100 km away! A look at the map reveals that by turning 180 ° and then 100 km in the other direction, you could look directly at Lake Garda (if there were not Piz Palü in between).

    After a long rest on the summit and relaxing in the sun, we start our way back. In the Sulz can be worn / slipped super, until after a short time at the Fuorcla da Boval (P. 3347) stand. This is where the clouds are rushing, which is not so bad for cooling. A few others go down safely, but we are better off if we do not hang on the other. Climbing it goes down, it is not exposed for the most part. At one or two places it might be II-he climbing, otherwise great for climbing quickly. 150 meters below we meet the large snowfields, which can be quickly driven down, which makes you want to get your skis back.

    In a small arc towards the Corn Boval, it goes downhill, where the snow stops and on steep scree path, it goes down to the Bovalhütte (P. 2495), where we lie down on a flat piece of meadow. It is now 12 noon, so we have a lot of time. Here we sleep for an hour, then pack things properly, and sleep again for an hour 🙂 The sun is covered by light clouds, which is very pleasant. At some point, however, we get our heads together, and brisk steps take us on the well-walked hiking path towards Morteratsch, This leads more or less along the moraine debris, and the flora here is simply overwhelmingly beautiful. Especially nice green. But what a green, you do not see that often. The long way is quickly told, at the crossroads at the end of the valley, we keep to the left and also run the 6 km Pontresina, where we arrive at 6 pm at the station (P. 1774).



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