A water filter for the trouser pocket by Care Plus

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    A water filter for the trouser pocket by Care Plus

    The Water filter from CarePlus weighs just 56 grams, fits in every pocket and provides more safety while traveling. It is probably a branded version of the known Sawyer Mini.

    In many (mountain) regions is drinking water treatment Not necessary if you follow a few basic rules. The source of water should be as high as possible above pastures or grazed areas. The faster the water flows, the more likely it is to be clean. Of course, that is certainly not true, these rules only diminish the risk of contaminated water to get sick.

    This looks completely different in inhabited areas. In very few countries, as in Germany, water in drinking water quality flows from the tap. Probably every traveler also knows the consequences of contaminated drinking water: the infamous Montezuma's revenge, the traveler's diarrhea, usually caused by contaminated water. Everyone also knows the precautions: drink basically only from closed, purchased bottles, peel fruits and vegetables, no ice cubes in the drink, brushing your teeth only with water from the bottle or boiled water and so on. Some tips and advice, if it happened, you can read here.

    No matter if you want to fill up your water supply on the mountain hike or if you want to play safe in the hotel, the CarePlus water filter is small and light enough and therefore fast at hand. The genius of this filter is that you do not, as usual, the water pump through the filter got to.

    Either you squeeze the water with the enclosed squeeze bag through the filter in his water bottle - or, even more practical: you simply screwed the filter on his bottle and sucks the water through the mouth. The screw cap fits on commercial PET bottles, so almost every bottle can be used. With a run of 1.7 liters per minute, a pretty normal drinking is possible. A sturdy straw is also included with the package, so you can then, put on the filter, drink directly from the source. With a filter capacity of 375,000 liters, the water filter is also cheap, the equivalent of the liter costs so 0.0001 €.

    With a pore size of 0.1 microns, it filters most of the harmful parasites and bacteria out of the water. Anything smaller, such as some viruses, must be killed by additional measures such as chemical sterilization or boiling off the water.

    In the practical test, the filter convinces above all by its easy handling, it can not be solved easier! On one side the dirty water goes in, on the other side comes out clean water. The manifold possibilities to use the filter are ingenious and set the "inhibition threshold", water just always to filter, clearly down!



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