A (slightly different) day at the lookout point

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    A (slightly different) day at the lookout point

    Saturday mornings summarily packed up and into the Däle drove to the beginner-friendly multi-pitches. Our goal was the views rock, which, however, was already quite hung on Saturday morning with other rope teams. All ages romped there, climbed, and roped off. My first rock contact on that day was like a stone falling down on my shoulder. This Welcome somehow set the tone for this day. In addition, the communication between us fours on that day, was cautiously circumscribed, not quite so easy, so spent quite a lot of time with quite a bit of climbing.

    Still, I could do that Messkircher edge (V) Climbing, which is a V in almost exactly three places: get up quite a bit shortly after getting in, then put a noose on the tree, hold lightly to the right, and rubbing over the scale to the left. Get up a little bit shakily around the corner. The only good (former, now smooth polished) handle in the roughly man-high crack between the bushes and leaving rather crimped strange high, that's it already. It follows a lot of botany and a small, mossy upswing until you suddenly up on a shallow ridge. Continue to follow the ridge, another upswing (there overlooking the interim backup) and stand!

    Tip: it is appropriate to be as good as possible, straight and clean cable guide to pay attention, otherwise there is a strenuous jigging. I was allowed to make the entry to the flat crosswalk twice that day, namely to get out the friend, who has stretched the rope nicely around the belly and caused so much friction that there was nothing to catch up at the stand.

    The Adolf Niklas memorial path (IV), a classic but rather unsightly climbing climb, was much tamer this year last, The exit via the railing of the lookout road at the top and the fantastic view into the Danube valley make up for the bleached places in the first pitch.

    In short: a mixed climbing day on which I was allowed to learn a lot / could / had to. At the center of my personal learning process was clearly group dynamics and behavior on the rock. However, I was not very constructive.




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