Edelrid Hexon Multifuel Cooker

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    Edelrid Hexon Multifuel Cooker

    In the course of planning the Morocco trekking the long delayed purchase of a multifuel cooker became up to date again.


    After the experience in Croatia, how difficult it can be spirit for the Trangia (we finally ended up in a pharmacy and bought 0.5 liters of 95% pure ethanol for $ 10), and after sobering Internet research into alcohol (or alcohol) in Morocco, it was clear: such a thing should come with ,

    Trangia adapter

    But since I do not want to completely renounce the now twenty-year-old Trangia, the 'new' must be somehow compatible. During this time, the first reviews were in relevant forums Edelrid Hexon Multifuel Cooker published, and they were consistently good. He was in the outdoor magazine Purchase tip 11/10.

    The Tradapter, a sheet metal part, to couple the Hexon with the Trangia, I ordered the same. It took, admittedly, some time, until I also understand the coupling: the hex hangs in the Tradapter (the small mounts point upwards!) And both are then put together in the Trangia.

    In Morocco we only had the two Trangia pots, two mountain lids, two sporks, two plastic plates, the hexon and the corresponding folding wind protection. He eventually burned me out; All right, there's a hole in it now. As a dish soap, I can recommend the outdoor soap at this point, which I have also used for showering and hair washing - after 4 weeks was still half in it, the stuff is really rich. 

    Practical test and assessment

    To the gas stove itself there is nothing great to say, he performed well (and quite loud!) His service, I have never cleaned it, only with a cloth wiped, as we normal gasoline (every 2-3 days a 0.3l Stuffing), which is very sooty ... and stinks!

    One disadvantage of the Hexon (probably not only the, but all gasoline or Multifuel cooker): since the venting of the tank to unscrew the pump, never without leakage of some gasoline went from statten, it stank actually always for gasoline, hands they were sooty and stinking, paint dissolved from the tank and remained on the hands for days.


    All in all, the Hexon is a very good purchase, cooking with it is fun, it is (very) fast - the water for coffee or tea is much faster hot than at home in the kettle! The dosage is a bit difficult with petrol station gasoline, the cheese noodles stuck despite continuous stirring, but now good. For the burner works always and everywhere and does his job well.



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