Duro 15 - the new trail running backpack from Osprey

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    Duro 15 - the new trail running backpack from Osprey

    At the opening of the 2017 mountain season, backpack specialist Osprey is launching the Duro series. We looked at the big guys in the series, the Duro 15.

    With the generous features of the Duro 15, Osprey shows where to go and equips the running backpack with thoughtful details and lots of accessories for long trips.

    Construction and materials

    The supplied 2.5 liter hydration bladder is housed in a well-accessible compartment, the two 500ml soft flasks with drinking straw are stowed in the pockets on the shoulder strap. There are also two other smaller compartments for gels or other things that should be quickly accessible, as well as a zippered compartment for, for example, the mobile phone or MP3 player - and the obligatory whistle for the distress signal. In addition, there are two externally accessible and lockable compartments left and right. The space is completed with two likewise zippered compartments on the hip fins and a "frontal flap" made of stretch mesh, as known from biker backpacks, in which one can just stuff the jacket for a while. From the top you can approach the compartment for the hydration bladder, a smaller bag for small items and the main compartment. 

    The Duro 15, available in two sizes (S / M and M / L), fits tightly to the back and is held in place by a hip and two removable, elasticated chest straps.

    The carrying system is very airy due to the coarse mesh used, and the straps are slotted and covered with mesh, so that moisture can evaporate quickly.

    field test

    Filling, putting on, lashing down ... it is striking that the Duro is wonderfully easy to adjust. If he is not too packed, as in the practice round, he compresses quite well. Go on, first the small test round through the park. Sure, a new backpack feels "new", but at kilometer 2 I almost forget it. Here and there a little readjusted, fits. The backpack feels up trails really good on, so tightly it hugs the body, he actually wears almost like a vest.

    The next test took place under real conditions. Well filled for a five-hour tour - "Speedhiking" - as it is called in German, I cardboard the sticks and go. With water and salami sandwich I get to about 4 kilos, through the wide straps, the weight is well distributed. The many, easily accessible bags are really fun. Camera, gels, cell phone, water bottles are all within easy reach - without the arms to dislocate and rummage around blindly in any mesh pockets. In March we had rather April weather, both short / short and jacket was there, the good breathability of the coarse mesh back makes fun even in warm weather.

    When packing, you should, as usual, make sure that you pack as high as possible, so the heavy things like water close and high on the back grabs, otherwise dangles the Duro something. But as I said, that's what every other backpack does.

    A small drawback is the compartment for the hydration bladder: around the top run two zippers, which are closer to the body for the hydration system. In the heat of the moment, I often fumbled this up, only to end up in the wrong compartment. But hey, that's not something you can not get used to.



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