Three indispensable things in the backpack: Blogstöckchen

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    Three indispensable things in the backpack: Blogstöckchen

    A blog stick

    From Chris from I have today a blogstöckchen receive. A blog post is passed on from blog to blog on a specific topic, a nice game, and that's why I start writing.

    The idea behind this special stick is, so to speak, a "behind the scenes" look at the outdoor blogger. Specifically, what do you pack, which three things are always in the backpack of outdoor enthusiasts?

    That's why I let you look in my backpack. My three indispensable things that are always there on all tours:

    Energy: cereal bars & energy gel!

    The E5 had taught me that I can quite quickly come quite deep into the low sugar with sustained effort. The effect then ranges from a bad mood over performance dips to circulation problems. That's why I always have some quick-to-use calories, usually in the form of two to three energy gels and two cereal bars per day.

    Rest: Music & Ohropax!

    Music dispels grief and worry, provides entertainment on boring climbs, gives courage and power in difficult (climbing) places and warms up cold, lonely evenings in the tent, Therefore: usually an mp3 player is included!

    A good night's sleep is important, provides relaxation and improves your mood immensely. In mountain huts, however, this is generally significantly clouded due to the well-known nasal sounds of the mountaineers. Ohropax are therefore mandatory for hut tours! Sometimes on tent tours 😉

    Toilet paper!

    Well, if Chris was quite personal with your nail clipper, I like to continue this: usually there is half a roll of toilet paper, wrapped waterproof in a plastic bag, in my backpack. Everyone can think of the main purpose, but it is also suitable for all sorts of other things: to clean your nose or (sun) glasses, as a firelighter ...

    As you can see, I treat myself with a little luxury, so these three things are always with me. The selection was not that easy, but after a while, these three things crystallized!

    The stick now continues to fly (do not crouch!)

    Axel from the maintains the List of blogswho have already participated and "unpacked" - as well as those still outstanding.



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