Three days of April weather in the Lechquellengebirge

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    Three days of April weather in the Lechquellengebirge

    Three-day tour on Göppinger and Ravensburger Hütte, with summit ascents Hochlichtspitze (2600m), Braunarlspitze (2649m) and Spullerschafberg (2679m).

    When traveling by car, the clouds are already hanging low, we expect a rainy and cloudy weekend. The trip over the Flexenpass, the empty Touriburg Zürs in the summer and the small town of Lech leads us past bright green meadows to train, The small village lies at the end of the toll-free road, at approx. 1500 m, We park at 12 o'clock at the fisherman's house, get us the parking permit and prepare ourselves for the march on the Göppinger hut. The clouds cover the peaks, but it is pleasantly warm and humid, it just does not rain. The path leads along the Lech to the inn Lower Älpelewhere we deliver the dog that has accompanied us so far. The trail now leads in a wide but steep arc around a forest ridge and reaches an alpine hut. The cable car reveals that it is still a good way up to the hut. Continue on now narrower path, following the tinkling of the cows, up to approx. 2000mwhere one small bank invites you to rest. On the broad back many people come to meet you from the hut, we climb slowly and steadily past the cow herd and soon reach the floorfrom which there are only 50 meters to the hut. Here we walk along the foot of the high-light peak, the grass is cheesy green and everywhere there are limestones, as if someone had thrown them. Against 3pm we reach the Göppinger Hut (2245m)where we first take care of the luggage and drink an apple spritzer.

    Since we still have enough time, we still want to take the local mountain, the Hochlichtspitze. We're lucky, it still has not rained yet, the rocks are dry and the clouds now appear a bit brighter than before. The blue-and-white marked trail leads first steeply in rubble up the slope until the Kraxelstellen increase. You cross a channel and climb up to the I-terrain. Shortly before the end, there are still a few patches of snow from the snowfall the days before, but they can also be avoided. It is not really exposed, only on Summit (2600m) it goes down pretty well. It takes about the hut from here one hour, The visibility is limited, the clouds allow only short views of the valley floor. After a short chocolate break we start our way back. Half way back to the cabin it starts to trickle, but the rocks are so warm and grippy that it does not matter. Only during or after heavy rains can it be tricky to dangerous, not to mention summery winters. After one hour We are back on the limestone plain in front of the hut, and we look forward to the dinner, the (non-existent) shower and the comfortable bed.

    The next day we have a nice breakfast at the buffet, before we go again with touring luggage and have as a target the Braunarlspitze in view. For this it goes first in constant ups and downs around the foot of the Hochlichtspitze, roughly coarse terrain alternates with fine debris and grassy slopes. Under the spoon tip, there are another 100 Hm down, before the path rises and you the crossing reached. Straight on we continue to Mohnenfluh, but we turn left and climb the serpentine slopes. Here the sun finally shows, it gets very warm and we trudge up the wide path on the fresh snow of the last days. On about 2450m you reach the rocky part of the route. With scribbles it goes straight up in I-er or II-terrain, then left along the mountain side. Here you have some more air than the day before under the butt, the bolts at regular intervals are not in vain. The rock is good to hold on, only the ground is quite crumbly from time to time. A plaque commemorates the seriousness of this blue and white trail. After seemingly endless crossing is finally the Summit cross (2649m) in view. The last meters on the ridge allow good depth in both directions. But even here the summit is cloudy, we limit ourselves to a short break, before we make our way back down. Slowly and carefully it goes back the same way, climbing is much more pleasant! We are glad, when we reached the serpentines again, and relaxed it is the way back to Göppinger hut.

    For the ascent it takes about 2.5 hours, for the descent a little less.

    It is now noon, we first relax a bit on the hut, before we make the descent towards Lower Aeolian. The cows cling to us again, especially the younger ones show little timidity. After the tense brawl of the morning, this is just the thing. Every now and then it trickles a bit, otherwise you can run loose in T-shirt. After 1.5 hours we are back on Lower Älpele, we cross the Lech and sit down on the trail first to the next bank, to take a little break. But we still want to arrive at the Ravensburger Hütte early, so it goes on fast. The path leads through beautiful green forests, always flat and with beautiful views of the mountains. On 1669m the hiking trail again meets the toll road which leads up to the hut. The first piece we still walk along it, but then we decide to walk along the newly created, very muddy by the rain trail along the stream. To the left stands steeply the Spullerschafberg up, our goal for tomorrow. Just before the dam it starts to rain properly, from here it is still 45 minutes to the hut. The way, now really slippery, leads in constant ups and down on the lush green meadows, until we after an hour (from the reservoir) on the Ravensburger hut (1948m) arrive. It stops raining ....

    We are lucky, except us and about 20 people of the Ravensburg section, who are there to work, otherwise no guests spend the night at the hut, so we have free choice of seats. The section also provided a video projector so that we could watch the World Cup Final Germany-Argentina in the classroom in the evening. AND there are showers, even warm ones! While our soaked stuff in the dry room stinks away, we go refreshed to the dinner, and then there is after a long exciting game even something to celebrate: Germany is world champion! Done we fall to bed afterwards ...

    The next morning (today is the last day) we have breakfast again at the buffet, there are scrambled eggs and bacon! We pack again for a tour and leave soon. The clouds are still hanging a bit above the peaks, but it is warm and does not rain. Again, it is a blue-white marked trail, it is quite slippery just then, then in tight serpentines steeply through the fresh grass landscape uphill. At about 2100 m you reach again flat terrain, the view opens onto the reservoir. Marmots look at us, peep and disappear in their holes, which are partly built directly in the way. On the steeper, sometimes flatter, sometimes wider, sometimes narrower grass / ridge, it's only uphill, a few snow fields immediately and once scrambling. Surprisingly fast (about 2 hours from the cottage) that appears Summit cross (2679m) in the fog, and we are looking forward for the third time over zero views. Nevertheless, a short chocolate break is obligatory after the ascent. The descent follows the same path, in part the ridge looks pretty impressive in the fog. Where the rocks stop, the fun part of the trail begins, everyone can take a break on the slippery, sloping path. Of course, that speeds up the downsizing, and soon after about 1.5 hours we are a bit muddy, but satisfied again hut.

    Here we provide ourselves again, we still have bread, country hunters and mountain cheese left. Just in time for the descent to the train then the sun comes out, the first time since we are on the road. About the Stierlochjoch (2009m) The farm road runs into the shady valley, which extends east from the Lower Schafberg to Zug. After the cuddly cow herd we follow the trail through the forest, which slowly slopes downhill. From the hut in about 2 hours we reach the back Parking at the fisherman's house in Zug, where now ends a rainy / cloudy, but nevertheless successful three-day tour.



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