The Zugspitze Trailrun Challenge

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    The Zugspitze Trailrun Challenge

    A packed and very sporty weekend is on around the Zugspitze over. On three days there were great challenges and consequently to experience and admire great sporting achievements. Fortunately, the weather has been mostly good and showed the beautiful surrounding mountains and the lush, green surroundings.

    Like you in my preliminary report already read this year, I participated in the short distance with 10.1 km and 554 Hm on Sunday in Ehrwald. Since we have already run the track in advance, we were actually well prepared for the race and its challenges.

    Unfortunately not only we still had some difficulties to master. The registration and the late registration on the ground in Ehrwald were actually smooth, except that my start number was confused with that of the half marathon = D. But that was not bad, because you could then rebook the names, so that each of us still had the right timekeeping. In the starting bag there was a fortifying bar and some nice little gifts like a sun spray and useful coupons. On the way I was then made aware of the nice marshals again and again on the "right way" and had to explain the confusion quickly in passing.

    Fortunately, the sun was shining in the cloudless sky and we stood motivated at the start under the shade donate chestnut alley in the center of Ehrwald. At 10 o'clock the starting signal for the half marathon started, we started with the runners of the short distance at 10:15 o'clock.

    The first 230 Hm are pleasantly built over the Plattenweg to the valley station of the Ehrwalder Zugspitzbahn. But although the Plattenweg runs mostly in the shade, I find it too hot to run. The sun is already burning mercilessly in the morning. I long for the first care station to empty a cup of water over my head and have a drink. Unfortunately, no supply station is coming and going.

    For the feared blatant increase over the ski slopes begins with 240 Hm to about 1.5 km. Here I do not see any running anymore, everyone is moaning and everyone is trying to fight their way up the hill in a quick run. The sun is burning and the ski slope is still feeling steeper. If you are new to the track, you groan after every turn that shows that the track is going much further than you had hoped. I long for a cup of water and I think that the supply station V1 may have been moved to the end of the slopes. Unfortunately, no…. But as a little encouragement, it is now only once steeply downhill to the Gamsalm.

    Here I know for sure that V2 has to be somewhere near. And then I finally see yellow advertising signs behind the trees light up and give gas again to finally come to the water. Before I came up the last steep wall to the stand, I already saw that no water cups were prepared. I shouted "Hello, I just want to have a quick drink". Three men stood behind the booth talking. One came to the table and tapped me a cup from the huge canisters. I do not look at every second, but some other runners are annoyed that they can not take a cup while running so as not to waste time. Positive I noticed the large fruit offer, which donates in the heat with watermelons and orange wedges additional liquid. In the heat but I have no need for food except water.

    Now follows the last climb of 100 Hm in the blazing sun and then it goes only steeply downhill back to the village. Now I'm going full throttle again, the mountain running makes me much fun, even if it is hated by many. It's going well, but I already know that tomorrow will be felt clearly in the legs! Dark woodland alternates with glaring meadow paths, so that you are blind for a few meters.

    At the end of the seemingly never-ending descent you walk the last few meters to the finish again on asphalt road. At the edge of the track are many people and cheer you to the finish strong. That motivates twice and one has the energy to give full throttle again despite the burning heat. Happy and satisfied, I pass the goal and receive a rewarding medal around my neck. After refreshing drinks and juicy fruit, the body cools down again and we eagerly await our girlfriend, whom we receive later after their half marathon cheering at the finish.

    Later, I look again at my track map and discover that V1 was really taken out completely. I stupidly did not notice that before the race, since I already knew the track and did not read it in detail anymore.


    The short distance is intended for trail beginners and road runners, or even Trail runnerwho are currently not fit enough for the half marathon. Trail beginners should be motivated and discover the fun of trail running. Unfortunately, I have to say that with this route choice rather the opposite was achieved. I would have been deterred by the stark slopes of the long ski runs and the wide, steep descent at the end of the track. The trail was not very varied and really nice to walk on the steep descent. In my opinion too long and steep ascent and descent passages and little trailer experience. I hope the tracks can improve significantly with the permission of the landowners for next year.

    Furthermore, there were also some problems on the track of the half marathon. One of my friends decided to do it and did not bring a bottle of water herself. So she got on this hot day only after a full 12 km at the first supply station to drink something. The half-marathon runners came through the late start at 10 clock also extremely in the midday heat. It would be better to start the runs on such summer days at 8 o'clock.

    I must praise the good mark of the route: sprayed direction arrows and in the middle were solid stones sprayed. In the forest and at each turn hung long yellow plastic tape, which moved in the wind, so you could always see them quickly.

    Despite everything, I hope that the organization will accept the criticism until next year and try to implement improvements, so that the many runners can have even more fun and less strain during the run!



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