The full load of Alpstein

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    The full load of Alpstein

    Alpstein Rondom: Säntis (2502m), Altmann (2435m) and Hoher Kasten (1794m) in one day.

    Finally, this tour plan has been in our treasure chest forever. Once the whole Alpsteinmassiv circumnavigate in one day. From Wasserauen on the Säntis, over the Lysengrat on the Altmann and then across the Rhine Valley to the Hohen Kasten. Descent via Brülisau and back to Wasserauen. So the plan 🙂

    Night on the summit of Säntis

    We come straight from the Glärnisch, which means that we equalize the tour in the sense that we ascend to Säntis at night. We start at 22 o'clock in Water meadows (868m), The signs show about Ebenalp, Schäfler, etc. 6 hours for the ascent to Säntis. We set off with the minimum luggage, climb steeply through the forest and pass the meadows of the Alp Bommern (1236m), The descent from the Glärnisch in the afternoon is still full in the bones, we doubt our own idea to spend the night on the Säntis summit. No matter, go on! The crescent is bright and with every step the view of the Appenzeller Land widens. Past the Ebenalp (1640m) it goes flat and quickly further direction Schäfler (1912m), Here we take a little break first. The people in the house are probably a little surprised, who at this time stops by here ...

    If the road was wide and blundered until now, it is rather narrow after the Schäfler and moves in steep terrain. A sign indicates that children are more likely to be on a leash. In steep grass, the trail runs in some ups and down below the Altenalptürm to Soldering saddle (1900m), Immediately the wind starts to blow, and we are glad for the protection in the Öhrli, a flat Karähnlichen high valley. Quickly we are in the Hinter Öhrligrueb, and finally we can see the Säntis summit from very close. In its "shadow" it now flat over interesting limestone terrain, the Rossegg. Shortly before the indentation between Girenspitz and Säntis, it gets really steep, it clatters on the Saddle (2397m), Now only the ladder, a well secured staircase in the rock to the entrance of the Tierwies tunnel, In here we are protected from the wind and make our way through the huge plant on the Säntis. About stairs and corridors it goes up to seven floors, until we leave the warm station again and the last few meters on the Summit terrace (2502m) to take.

    It is now 3 o'clock in the morning, from Wasserauen via Ebenalp, Schäfler and through the Öhrli we took about 5 hours with breaks. 

    We put on something dry and enjoy the view of the illuminated hilly Appenzell countryside. The wind drives us quickly into the sleeping bags, and after the long ascent we dive in spite of the imposing starry sky quite quickly.

    Over the Lysengratweg on the Altmann

    The alarm clock rings just before sunrise. The sky turns orange with every passing minute, until at exactly half past seven the sun shines spectacularly on the horizon. Except for us there are only a few people up here who slept in the Säntishütte. After a hearty breakfast with good coffee, we pack our things together and leave the summit station behind us. On the well-secured Lysengratweg we follow the signs to Rotsteinpass. The ridge path is fun, sometimes wide and sometimes quite narrow. Fast (about 1 hour) we reach the Rotsteinpasshütte (2122m).

    As on the Lysengrat it goes on now: Steep, exposed, but very well secured with a steel cable go high on the Altmannsattel (2368m), Here we first admire the proud ibexes, who have their colony seat here and can not take their rest from the hikers.

    From the saddle it is not long, but from here it is very exposed, there is no path, and it is no longer safe. Climbing it goes up, a few places are provided with iron bars. This path is absolutely nothing for the average hiker. Shortly before the summit, a short breeze is to be made. The Summit of the Altmann (2435m) in itself is nice and spacious again and captivates with the view to the east towards the Rhine Valley.

    Long hike to the Hohen Kasten

    We just have to get up, there is still a long way to go. The Hohe Kasten lies deep below us, and above all: very far away. We crawl carefully down and turn behind the Altmannsattel in the direction of Zwinglipass (2011m), Slowly our water runs out, but on the Zwinglipasshütte there is water only for a fee! Oh, the bottleneck is not that bad either, the next well is sure to come! Again it goes uphill, on the flat and grassy Chreialpfirst you could play football. The path runs over the Mutschensattel (2069m) go down and we reach the Roslenalp (1767m). Here we take a break, fill up our bottles at the well and look up to the rope teams that are on the Kreuz Mountains, a popular climbing paradise, frolic.

    Soon we leave the alp with her nice host and we reach the Saxerlücke (1649m)From where you are back in popular hiking area and the masses come to meet one. The road is wide and has been recently redone, and in an up and down it continues for hours. Past the Dauber's Pulpit (1746m), the Stauberenfirst and the Glogger we reach after a felt eternity the summit structure of the Hohen Kaste. Here only from Box saddle (1678m) in a direct line on a narrow path up to the summit house and on the Panoramic terrace (1794m), We made it!! Finally! From the Zwinglipasshütte we needed about 5 hours ...

    We destroy the last chocolate, take a picture and relax now on the descent. After the estimated 2500 meters of altitude in the constant ups and downs, we protect our knees. Shortly before Brülisau there is milk to buy at the Alp Rossberg. Hmm very delicious! From Brülisau Despite heavy feet, we walk back the few miles Wasserauenwhere we finish this crazy long but great tour with beer and Kneipp pool!




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