The right skin care for outdoor sports

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    The right skin care for outdoor sports

    (Advertising) Sport has a positive effect on the skin. On the one hand, both the blood circulation and the metabolism of the skin cells are stimulated. In addition, exercise causes an increase in collagen fiber production and a removal of free radicals.

    As a result, the aging process can be delayed and the skin stays young and beautiful longer. In addition to all the positive aspects, the skin is also heavily stressed during sports. The frequent showering and heavy perspiration, but especially the influence of UV radiation can become the true ordeal for the skin if care is lacking. For this reason, it is important to know the individual loads of different sports in order to prevent them accordingly.

    In sports, our skin is exposed to a variety of weather conditions: whether hiking, cycling or water sports - here, too, the skin care must not be secondary! Depending on the sport, you should deal particularly well with the care and protection of your own skin type. In the e-book to Outdoor Skin Care Athletes can get useful tips and advice on proper skin care for outdoor activities. The guide is available for free download!

    Outdoor sports are stressful for our skin. Often, your own protection mechanisms are not enough to protect against harmful environmental influences. Therefore, it is important to prepare the skin accordingly to the sport and also to look after it afterwards. In addition to strong sunlight or cold air, there are other factors that affect our largest organ.

    The formation of melanin certainly filters out a large amount of incoming UV rays. But the ability to absorb and reflect on them is unfortunately limited. For this reason, especially in outdoor activities where people often experience very high and intense sun exposure, there is a great need in the long run to support the skin in its fight against the environment.

    The use of sunscreen products is therefore the top priority in all outdoor sports. Excessive sweating and frequent showering seriously affect the acid mantle of the skin and we need to restore its balance with appropriate care products. The e-book gives helpful tips to recognize the individual nature of your own skin structure and to care for and protect accordingly. 

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