The 5 most important equipment tips for trekking in Morocco

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    The 5 most important equipment tips for trekking in Morocco

    Morocco is a wonderful country to experience trekking adventures. In the south Morocco, in the Jebel Sarhro, there are secluded areas and breathtaking landscapes that want to be discovered. You meet nomads and have a drink with them tea, bismillah! Small Berber villages cling to the walls of deep gorges, which also ensure the supply on the way through the small shops called "Hanout".

    The 5 most important equipment tips for a successful trekking tour in Morocco:

    1. water filters take along - with good planning in advance of the route at your home desk, you can head for waterholes almost every day, such as wells. In the valleys you will also find more often on very slowly flowing rivulets, which can be used with a water filter.
    2. fuel stove: Supplying gas or alcohol on the way can be difficult, petrol is available in almost every village (from PET bottles). Rinse the fuel container very well before departure, disassemble the cooker completely and take the items over all rucksacks, then there should be no problems at the airport. On the way you will mainly feed on dates, canned fish and bread, I have always packaged cereal and milk powder (there is on site) for breakfast and for dinner with bag food.
    3. climate: the temperature difference between day and night can be extreme. Early in the morning, the water in the water hole can be frozen. Warm clothes and a good sleeping bag is important. Do not forget sunscreen, head protection and sunglasses during the day.
    4. Camp open: in winter it will be very fast dark, It is best to look for a suitable place no later than 4 pm. Oueds (dried river valleys) avoid, every year drowning people, when suddenly a spring tide comes when it rains hundreds of kilometers away. So prefer to refer to a suitable place. Proximity to villages is not a problem, usually you are welcome.
    5. GPS device: since there are hardly or less suitable maps of the really lonely areas, a GPS device with enough reserve batteries important. At home you can enter the most important points such as villages, waterholes or crossroads, making it easier to find your way around. On the way then repeatedly set points to find the way back in an emergency. 

    Some maps and literature on hiking in Morocco are also available:

    These were the five most important equipment tips, which in my experience are important for a successful trekking in Morocco.



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