The "deep snow pass" - more safety off the piste

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    The "deep snow pass" - more safety off the piste

    The "deep snow pass" - more safety off the piste.

    At the end of November I was allowed to test the newly introduced "deep snow pass" in Ramsau am Dachstein. From Innsbruck you can take the train for 3.5 hours to Schladming and from there continue by bus to Ramsau at 1135m up. Here you should take the scenic route over Kitzbühel and Zell am See.

    For the course we drove up from the village of Ramsau to the Dachstein Glacier. After we were down in the valley under a thick side nook, we marvel at the top of the enormous vision and the blazing sunshine. In the gondola you can hardly wait to finally have the skis under your feet. In small groups of a maximum of 7 participants, you have enough time throughout the day to go through the individual course content, to try it out yourself in the snow and to get direct help from the mountain guide in case of uncertainty.

    The municipality of Ramsau reacts here to the trend that more and more skiers are also interested in touring and freeriding. "We want to make people aware of this and consciously respond to newcomers," explains Elias Walser, Managing Director of the tourism association Ramsau am Dachstein.

    Even the mountain rescue finds that the guests used to be poorly equipped, today many have perfect equipment, but no knowledge of deep snow skiing. The course can be settled between the slopes and longer freeride camps. The camps require a complete set of equipment, most of the time you have to be a good off-piste to keep up and the courses often take a week. The Tiefschnee Pass is a simple, uncomplicated introduction to the subject, which only requires good clothing and skiing skills. Of course, not only skiers, but also snowboarders and splitboard riders can complete the deep snow pass.

    From this winter, everyone has the opportunity to test the fresh snow off the piste and to expand their knowledge of ski touring and freeriding. The courses for the deep snow pass (Children over 14 years) will be off 9.12.2014 until the end of March 2015 every Tuesday run by experienced ski and mountain guides ( from Ramsau. Also every Wednesday you have the option of the passport at the Ski school Ramsau close.

    Contents of the course:

    • material Science
    • proper handling of the equipment
    • material check
    • correct handling of the avalanche transceiver (function & handling)
    • Weather and snow
    • Reading snow profiles
    • Assess the avalanche danger
    • Behavior in the terrain
    • technology approaches
    • behavior in case of emergency
    • personal tips of the ski and mountain guide

    Riding away from the groomed ski slopes of the ski area sounds very tempting. But without know-how, this is not only dangerous for one, but can also endanger others in the face of avalanches. It is not uncommon for serious accidents to happen, which can be hopefully limited by such courses.

    Anyone who does not feel safe here or was perhaps ignorant in the deep snow should invest in this pass. In the price of 69, - €, are included mountain guides and even the complete equipment of FISCHER and PIEPS for this day. The equipment is provided for each participant, so that everyone has the same starting conditions. The complete ski tour equipment will be awarded, including touring skis, poles, the avalanche transceiver, the shovel and a probe. This allows beginners to make their first deep snow experiences. Hardly anyone buys a complete touring equipment before he knows if he really enjoys touring. It is also awesome, if you arrive from further away by train and bus and not have to lug everything. I'm curious how the new deep snow pass will arrive this season. Now one can hope that other large ski resorts and well-known deep snow areas follow suit, so that the fun and not the dangerous ignorance may be in the foreground!

    If you are interested, you can get further information at tourist Board get the community Ramsau am Dachstein. You can sign in below



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