The Soonwaldsteig in Hunsrück

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    The Soonwaldsteig in Hunsrück

    The 85 km long Sonnwaldsteig promises five nice hiking days in the low mountain range in Rhineland-Palatinate. Then go: 

    1 day

    Start in Kirn at the Nahe. First ran across the town, you get over the Kallenfels to the former castle Schloss Wartenstein. The Sonnwaldsteig runs a few kilometers, mostly paved, along the Hahnenbachtal. Only shortly before the first stage goal it is finally quieter around us. Again and again we come across relics of slate mining. There are informative boards along the way. After about 17 km we reach, by appointment with the lord of the castle, the Schmidtburg and set up our tent. Burgromantik with the best view!

    2 day

    After a short wash it goes on. Be sure to fill up with water! (We missed it and took a detour via Schneppenbach to get some water from a workshop.) (CAVE: The next few days run without nearby villages, where you could stock up on food / water.) Who taps water from nature, is well served with a water filter) After just one hour walking time we stop for breakfast - unbelievable, which means a few calories for walking, because now the spirits are awakened.

    The Sonnwaldsteig now leads idyllically up a water adventure path up to the Teufelsfelsen. Unfortunately, our moaning about yesterday's sultriness seems to have angered the weather god, because a thunderstorm with subsequent continuous rain is on. Despite rain protection, the water creeps into any crack. We (ok, I) have no more nerve to set up the tent at the next reserved trekking place. Yeah ... I admit it, I'm spoiled, and if I find a more convenient option during a pounding phase, I'll take it too! In this case, we go after the rise on the Koppenstein in the town of Gemünden, where we find a major effort a bed in a Chinese restaurant. Other hikers also come in soaking wet here. The evening is sociable and a communal sleeping bag and clothes drying with hair dryer starts with a warm Chinese meal.

    3rd day

    When it rains we go from Gemünden back to the Soonwaldsteig. The next destination, the trekking camp Ochsenbaumer Höhe, is within walking distance, which would be feasible on the following section of the trail. Would!! Passing the Altenburg, we sullenly follow the comfortably accessible path towards Ellenspring. In the individual rain breaks, it is immediately steamy. The undressing of rain gear turns out to be a mistake, because we are immediately recognized as treat and hundreds (felt even more) bloodthirsty brakes pounce on us. In addition, ticks of all sizes seem to be after us. In the evening we pick 8 wooden bucks (of which 2 have already docked) from / to my companion. On our map I translate a red triangle sign as a campground and we search, search and search and only after an exciting Odysee through thickets and 2 extra rounds I get that this is just a sign for a way. How embarrassing! Hunger, thirst and rain let us unceremoniously in a refuge, which unfortunately we must first free from a lot of garbage down.

    Day 4

    After a pitifully cold night (it was extremely cold and we only had the summer sleeping bags with it.) We trudged in damp shoes on the ridge warm. We now cross meadows of the nature reserve Glashütter Wiesen. At Katzenkopf there are quite nice views. Striking are now the many, wind turbines, which seem threatening to me. Wind power is very important in Hunsrück.

     In Rheinböllern we finish the day's stage and the tour.

    Our reason for the demolition: We must certainly take 2 days to reach the terminus Bingen am Rhein. In addition, the train ride and drive home included, unfortunately exceeds the time available.  

    While this review may not sound euphoric, this easy-to-follow premium trail is recommended. The landscape is varied. In addition, one learns incidentally a lot about slate and ore. And who knows: Maybe one meets the Schinderhannes on a misty day in the wetland ?!

    All necessary information you get with  So that no one wildly camps in the nature park, trekking camps are offered, which one must book in advance. (The competent nice foresters then often lay wood and / or water ready) 

    By public transport you can easily reach the start and end point.

    If you come by car, you will find some long-term parking. 

    And here is the actual way: (Source: outdooractive  Support Association Nature Park Soonwald-Nahe eV)


    1. Hello Martina,

      yes, it really does not sound like your best hiking trip, but I think it's worth the trip and if the weather plays along, it's also much more fun. You have made the best of it.

      Best regards

    2. Hello Carla.
      Well ... actually a pity that the mood is similar to the weather. I'm not the hardest guy.
      And yet I always think back to this tour and annoy me something that I still missing some, beautiful, kilometers ...
      I wish you a great summer

    3. Dear Clara,

      I like your (your) hiking reports very much. Here, however, I didn't get stuck with the track, but with Schinderhannes and first had to google who or what it was. Exciting story that has so far passed me by * word game *. 😉

      Best regards


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