Autumn, a great time for microadventures

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    Autumn, a great time for microadventures

    (Advertising) The days are getting shorter, the rich, green life of nature is getting less and everything turns into beautiful, warm tones. Fall is here, making it the perfect season for hiking and microadventures.

    The most beautiful hikes and climbing tours I actually experienced in the fall. Every day, when it's dry enough, you'll be happy about every hideaway and refuge if it starts to rain. You are looking forward to a hot drink, good food, the scent of damp forest soil and mushrooms. The fall is not only beautiful, but also a great time to be active outside due to the cooler temperatures. Maybe it's because I'm an autumn kid, because I've always liked autumn with its colorful leaves and its own unique mood.

    In order to be able to enjoy the Microadventure in the fall, you should in any case still additional something warm to put on, as well as cap and gloves pack. Even with the mattress and the sleeping bag you can pack the warmer variants. I was already thinking about last winter the right clothes in cold weatherOf course, much of this also applies in autumn.

    Alastair Humphreys not only has good stock tips but also humor:


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    The autumn weather is quite unstable, an extra tarp or Tarp is next to the bivy bag certainly a good idea. You should absolutely try it out, I find it much more comfortable with a "roof over my head".


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    literature by Alastair Humphreys:



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