The Dachstein Terra Approach shoe in the field test

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    The Dachstein Terra Approach shoe in the field test

    Dachstein? Wait, I know her! My first hiking boots, in green with a beige sole, were from Dachstein. I then lost the Austrian mark from the screen until I got on the OutDoor 2014 discovered the booth and began to get a bit nostalgic.

    That's exactly what the booth of Dachstein Also from: Firmly rooted in the company's ninety-year history is the passion and innovation for mountains. The green is sought in vain, Dachstein is inventing new and above all: in color. Pretty cool designs mate with functionality. But also retro and modern meet: a good leather shoe with the latest technologies. Reason enough for us to test the "new" Dachstein.

    The Terra Approach

    Approach to the world, you could translate. The Terra is a mix of chic city shoe, which is not averse to a tougher gait and classic approach shoe. Anyway, you can see his origin: from the mountains and climbing.

    Materials and construction

    The upper of the Terra is made of suede and mesh, the inside of breathable and antibacterial textile material. The lacing is pulled very far forward and reminds of a climbing shoe. This allows the shoe to be adapted very well to the foot shape and stabilizes the foot far to the front. It is pulled up and gummed on the toe and heel, which is handy, protects the leather and looks good too.

    The only slightly subdued Vibram New Boulder sole Reminiscent of suction cups and works quite similar: on smooth surfaces, the Terra absorbs almost solid. The weak point of such a profile here but is almost directly installed. On muddy trails, it offers less grip than deeply cut profiles. But as soon as it gets rocky, it plays Idrogrip technique their strengths, whether dry or moist.


    The shoe sits comfortably on the foot, enclosing and stabilizing it very well. The rolling behavior takes a bit of getting used to: the first meters in the shoes feel "soggy" until you get the hang of it. Whether Dachstein means the "natural rolling behavior" of Dachstein Support Technology (DST)? Certainly yes: little cushioning, and actually you walk in the shoes more like barefoot. So you do not roll off so extreme, but rather puts his feet on the whole surface.


    Convinced! Even if the rolling action takes some getting used to, the Terra has passed the ultimate endurance test - nine hours on the legs, over several days - with flying colors. At the actual approach (and climbs in the IIIrd degree) it sucks itself on the rock and offers enough grip even on wet, rocky ground.

    Note on product tests: This tested or presented product was left to us by the manufacturer free of charge. In addition, no consideration such as cash payments flowed. We are independent in our judgment, the manufacturer has no influence on the content of the article. More to Transparency.



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