Down products in outdoor sports: A complete equipment for mountaineers

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    Down products in outdoor sports: A complete equipment for mountaineers

    (Advertising) When it comes to mountain sports, the equipment may not be good enough. Especially down-filled products have long proven themselves on the outdoor market and are therefore at the forefront of equipment must-haves.

    Their warmth overshadows traditional sportswear because down offers incredible insulation and significant quality. We present down products that mountain athletes should by no means miss and explain how to identify the most important purchase criteria. Here is the complete equipment overview:

    down jacket 

    Why recreational athletes put on down jackets, is quite simple. Of course she plays reliable heat output of the down a big role - because at the summit it can have icy temperatures. But also the high breathability and the lightweight have advantages that make the climb much smoother. That applies at least for High quality products: with the right quality Down jackets in mountain sports literally top, But to recognize them, there are a few important features: 

    • For one thing, the Bulking power of the down feathers, so the "fillpower"To fit the respective needs. That describes the Expansion of the down and shows the insulation This is measured in so - called cuin, A value under 550 cuin suitable not especially for mountaineer claimsso you should about that his. The bigger the volume, the warmer a down jacket will hold. With 650 cuin do you have one? very good quality900 cuin offer already Elite Standard.  
    • You can also choose between goose down, something better duck downand the luxurious eiderdown choose. One should therefore also on the Mixing ratio of down and feathers respect, think highly of. The Rudeness of the feathers is important because it makes for one additional stabilitywith little loss of heat - if you have the right balance: 95% down, 5% feathers are ideal for down jackets! 
    • water-repellent coating is of course extra practical and prevents matting of the down while you dry and protected remains. So you can venture out into the mountains even in stormy weather.

    Mountain sports have with one good down jacket sure the nose ahead, what Protection, heat and ease concerns. Lots of freedom of movement is especially important in mountaineering, and often the special material can be ultra-small pack up. For a down jacket with good functionality So you should definitely pay attention to high quality.  

    down vest

    Similar criteria apply to a down vest - but where are the differences? A down vest has basically the same advantages to offer, like a down jacket, only she is through her Sleeveless look even lighter and easier to stow, Especially when Sports So are down vests too even more comfortable, because they are still a tad more light on the skin

    Mountaineers also praise them as super warm interlayer at minus degrees. However, you should go here for one too appropriate quality the filling and the material. Especially "outdoor"Is one with the high breathability better advice on down. Properly used, a down vest offers one significantly greater added value as 08/15 products. 

    down pants

    who functional underwear looking for that too a lot of exercise while mountain sports join in, is at the right address for down products. A down trousers is especially at Activities in the cold air ideal - the warming filling combined with water-repellent and windproof Features, the offers best conditions for outdoor adventures. The high breathability and durability Down is good for athletes too.

    Are available conventional pants models, and also overalls, the A Prevent slipping, and in the case at the same time the Keep the back part warm, Down pants offer comfort andstore heat Reliable, quality is also crucial here when choosing a model.

    down skirt

    Thanks to down quality outdoor athletes must also participate Fashion claim do not stay at home. The excellent insulation you can also go in Rock form enjoy. The only difference from the down skirt to the pants is basically one faster dressing and undressing, Down skirts are common with elastic waistband and one side zipper fitted. So a skirt is so fast strapped and pulled over his pants, and can also take off quickly. The Convenience do not miss it - skirts to warm also a lot better around the hips and waist around when the pants do that. Especially for frostbite a down skirt is certainly awesome. 

    Down mitts

    Also on the subject of gloves mountaineers climb with down higher and better, Because then there is one reliable performance important - and it works well with icicle fingers less well. Whether it's dense snow, rain or simply freezing cold, down gloves warm reliably. It offers the high bulking power optimal isolation and allows one very small pack size, This is of course very convenient, because especially when mountaineering, you want unnecessary kilos avoid with the equipment. 

    Also advantageous is the special chamber construction The down - their three-dimensional shape allows a layer that includes warm air and so on Cold locks out, Especially gloves should be in the front Finger area always filled stay, um To prevent cooling- A down filling makes exactly that possible. The Elasticity and dimensional stability the down, also brings gloves after squeezed storage with a little bit Shake up again in shape

    Down sleeping bag

    Sleeping bags are indispensable for dedicated mountaineers. The right model can, however, over frosty nights or pleasant slumber decide. A down sleeping bag offers many advantages in addition to conventional products. The pack away succeed much faster and easierbecause the down practically compress to let. As a mountaineer that is pack size of course one indispensable quality criterion- Who wants to spend his time unnecessarily stowing when the summit call? 

    Also important is a cuin value of at least 650 or moreso that the sleeping bag can withstand a lot. You should not go to one either impregnated and water repellent material to forget. Especially outdoor athletes will surely appreciate the protection, and that for a long time: at one high quality down sleeping bag one has up to ten years his pleasure.

    Down sleeping mat

    Despite a sleeping bag, a well-equipped alpinist should not give up the sleeping mat. A down product also offers here Plus for outdoor nights, Mats with down filling isolate superbly and are extremely comfortable, and are relatively easy, The small pack size is also a clear winner among mountaineers. On sufficiently warm model is particularly important here, because such documents lose up to four times as much heat how about the sleeping bag. For one better sleeping comfort, we can definitely recommend a down sleeping mat. 

    Down slipper shoes

    Once all the mountain adventures have been enjoyed, it goes back to the Indoor area, But even there you take the airy cold outside still with. After a long tour in the snow, there is nothing more pleasant than when your feet thaw and you feel so good toasty-hot feels. For that to happen quickly, are Slipper shoes with down ideal, They help with theirs insulating effectto retain the heat at the feet and are at the same time incredibly comfortable to wear, Down shoes made of down are mostly more durable and warmer than normal wool and on top of that especially easy. In the meantime, they are also optical worth several sports looks. 


    Down products offer added value that definitely pays off in the long run for mountaineers. The high thermal power, as well as the good breathability and impressive lightness, are just some of the many benefits of down. Equipment that is spiced up by a high-quality down filling, ensures outdoor athletes and also warmed by icy minus degrees.

    Advertisement: This article was written in collaboration with: Gerald Bacher,



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