The winter bivouac - a (uber)experience

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    The winter bivouac - a (uber)experience

    Planned winter bivouacs in the mountains are certainly among the most intense outdoor experiences. Here We have already collected a few tips for planning a winter tour. Now it's a step further.

    Just because of the cold, but also sleeping in the snow and the difference to a summer night, make the appeal. So I can recommend to every one of us to have done something like that. But beware: Those who are blue-eyed, can manage the cold to hypothermia quite nicely and make the entire venture life-threatening. However, if you do everything right, expect an unforgettable night with (hopefully) thousands of stars in a comforting warm sleeping bag at -10 ° C outside temperature.


    We have the most important things on a checklist for this Bivouac collected in the winter, which are indispensable for such a night belong:

    About Vital

    – sleeping pad: Survival # 1, preferably with the highest possible R value. Both self-inflatable foam mats (3-5 cm thick) and air mattresses (very comfortable) have proven themselves. An icy cold underground is the death of a beautiful sleep.

    – Sleeping bag: Survival # 2, with appropriate temperature range. Best weight-performance ratio has a down filling. Better to take something thicker, then only sleep in underwear in it. It should be long enough for the hood to be fully pulled. A thermal collar keeps the warm air on the body. Never tried, but with the partner worth two zusammenzipbare sleeping bags, then you can warm each other.

    Tent or biwacksack

    We already have the most important pieces of equipment. Here it is worth spending money! If it's raining or (better) snow, you should lie down under a ledge or a roof, or a

    – tent take. A wet sleeping bag is not pleasant, and the solution with the waterproof one Biwaksack over it is also only conditionally appropriate. Often enough, we lay in our own juice. A small tent prevents this and keeps the air a little warmer. Especially in snowfall, this is an indescribably beautiful experience, in the morning to dig a "way to the outdoors" ...


    Let's go to the clothesApart from the ones mentioned above Tips nothing special, you lie down depending on the temperature either with mountain pants / jacket or just without the sleeping bag. Mostly you have an extra jacket, which can serve as a pillow.

    Other equipment

    Other, of course Gear:

    – Headlamp, because in winter it is usually early and long dark

    – Cap, because over the head (also in the sleeping bag) you lose a lot of heat

    ... and of course everything else you need for the tour / excursion. Maybe a Stove and what delicious food, in the evening one more nice meal prepare? Or one Shovel, if you are on ski tour anyway? Then you dig yourself a small cozy cave or Kuhle cope ...

    Of course, higher luxury is always possible, it depends on how much you want to wear. Of course, such should be one winter bivouac not to be undertaken in the next garden, but far away from civilization without disturbing anyone or spending the night on prohibited grounds. If you don't leave any rubbish, nobody will get upset about the slept snow 🙂



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