The Murnauer Moss in winter

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    The Murnauer Moss in winter

    The Murnau moss

    The Murnau moss With 32 square kilometers, it is the largest contiguous and natural bog of Central Europe. It was created after the last ice age, when the Loisach glacier retreated and the abandoned lake slowly silted up. Even today, the Murnau Moss is permeated by numerous streams and thus also offers rare plants and animals a protected habitat. In the summer months you will find not only rare birds but also ornithologists watching them and biologists crawling around on the ground. In winter, it is naturally a little quieter.

    On the well-signposted, approximately 15-kilometer circular route through the Murnauer Moos you can roam through various landscapes: the flat moor, small groves, and the high moor "Am Langen felt".

    At the beginning of the hike, it goes flat and on a wide path through the partly managed moss landscape. The scenery is framed by Estergebirge with the Hohe Kiste and the Ammergau Alps with the Hörnle, in the valley intersection the Wettersteingebirge with Alpspitze and Zugspitze.

    A little further on, you gently ascend into a grove, then on a wooden path through a specially protected moor and from there on to the settlements Westried and Moosrain. Through the village it goes, several times crossing the railway line, on the height back to Murnau.

    The variant described here with the starting point Münterhaus is highly recommended for tourists, as it is the famous Münterhaus, the Kottmüller-Allee and the Ramsachkirchlein with the popular Gasthaus Ähndl on the track. If you like, you can also make a detour from there Lourdes grotto do.


    The starting point is the Tengelmann or Feneberg parking lot. On the opposite side pulls up a little street and past the Münterhaus and then flows into the Kottmülleralllee. At the end of the avenue you come across a beautiful vantage point, which for the first time gives you a glimpse of the moss. As soon as possible, take the branch on the left to Ähndl, and from there take the circular path. From here follow the signs through the moss. At the end of the route on the same way, again behind the Ähndl up, through the avenue and back to the parking lot.


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