Chile in pictures: the national parks

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    Chile in pictures: the national parks

    For a European from southern Germany, the landscape and national parks of Chile were particularly impressive.

    We were mainly in Auracarien between Santiago and Puerto Montt on the way, for the north and the south of Chile just missed the time.

    NP Conguillío

    The National Park Conguillío around the volcano Llaima shows variously the nature and geology of Auracariens. We once hiked across the national park.

    Click here for the tour report from Sven.


    Cochamó is a hidden paradise for climbers from all over the world. Up there, a day's march away from the nearest settlement, a Dirtbag subculture forms around the climbing. The center is the Refugio and the nature campsite.

    Click here for the tour report from Sven and Martina.

    NP Huerqueue

    A small but very fine national park, which was crossed too fast. Click here for the tour report from Sven and from Martina.




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