Bodanrück by mountain bike

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    Bodanrück by mountain bike

    We drove in Konstanz Allmannsdorf Come on. Here is also the pier Staad the Lake Constance ferry from Meersburg. We drive towards the island of Mainau (gravel road), past it and continue through a beautiful poplar avenue direction Dingelsdorf (Asphalt). The bike path could not be better signposted. The reason is that here in the summer very many cyclists around the Lake Constance on the way. So you can not go wrong, even if you have to turn several times and meanders the way through the Seedörfer.

    We follow the way to Wallhausen. Here we drive uphill to the end of the village and start of the forest (beginning forest road). From here we follow the signs direction Marienschlucht, In the forest, the paths branch about every 300m and every major turnoff is well signposted. The selected tour is varied, sometimes flat, sometimes uphill and then downhill again. You drive mostly on forest roads, but also through flowering meadows and past grape vines and fruit trees. It is best to print the route on a large scale on a map to look at the forest on the Bodanrück not to dislocate. Before you arrive at the westernmost turning point, you can start a fun easy trail.

    At the Bodenwald arrived, you can take a break, then strengthened again to make the no less beautiful way back. Now it goes on a steep but light trail down to Bodman, Bodmann is the westernmost town on the Obersee. Then the path leads back parallel to the lake. The Marienschlucht itself is a great destination, but you should go through it, for mountain bikers are the narrow paths closed! Now, as in an eight, the path leads back to you Wallhausen, From Wallhausen we follow the same signs back to Constance, as on the way.




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