Mountain tour on the Schesaplana

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    Mountain tour on the Schesaplana

    Long and exhausting mountain hike to the highest Rätikongipfel, the Schesaplana. From Grüsch in Switzerland, go back over the Schweizersteig to the summit and over the Gamsluggen. 2400 vertical meters and about 40 km.

    We arrive at 10 o'clock in the evening Grüsch (638m) And wait for the third in the league, which von Konstanz and bike. At half past ten we are united and following the signs we are heading Seewis (947m), There's a hip-hop concert somewhere in Grüsch, but a bit of entertainment makes you forget the long journey. It was raining and thundering shortly before, but now more and more stars are showing up in the sky. From Seewis, it's more or less flat on the farm track into the valley, long straight ahead. at P. 1285 Then the path branches off, following the Prättigauer Höhenwanderweg on the left or, as we turn right, directly up to the Schesaplanahütte. Directly behind the two bridges, the path winds steeply up through the still wet grass, we are gaining altitude quickly. Snails and alpine salamanders grace the way. It seems that one moves on an old moraine, because on the left falls from time to time the slope into the dark, as if the way breaks off immediately. Then follows a piece about cow meadows (that smells good!), Leidegg called, and at 2:15 clock we are facing the Schesaplanahütte (P. 1908), Here we make ourselves comfortable and lie down on mattress and sleeping bag.

    At 6 o'clock the alarm rings, it is already daylight, and we peel ourselves out. Everyone realizes that we slept like the stones. It was also pleasantly warm. Only small clouds show up in the sky and the wind blows weakly. We stowed the sleeping utensils in a bush and set out on the way, 1000 hm are still waiting for us. It goes steeply up through the meadows, the path overcomes two rock steps and reaches approx. 2200 m the rocky flank through which the Schweizersteig leads. A short piece at the beginning is secured with chain. After this ravine, it goes up steeply in Gehgelände, the way is marked very well with blue and white markings. Only now and then you have to use your hands, the way is not exposed. From about 2500 m you traverse on scrappy ribbons P. 2598, After the bend again the same, until you walk around a ledge at about 2700 m and in front of you has the summit structure. Up here you could play football, that's flat (almost). From the left some people come from the Mannheimer hut. It has not had any snow so far, but from now on there are a few small residual snow fields, none of which are touched. In the summit debris, it goes up at a run, until we at 8:45 clock at the summit of Schesaplana (2965m) stand.

    From the Schesaplanahütte to here we needed 2:15 hours, on the signs is given 3:15 hours. But you should also plan this time, unforeseen situations on the Swiss way are not very pleasant.

    Up here, you're in the habit of flying away, but just behind the summit cross, you'll step into the steep northern flank, where you're completely protected from the wind and you're sitting on the throne like the emperor. The Brandner glacier on the left is just an ice rink, the barren landscape below abruptly breaks off to light up in grass (locality) grass green. Now high clouds pass by in the sky, but we still have good views of Lake Constance, Säntis, Calanda, as well as Piz Kesch, the Silvretta group and the rest of the Rätikon.

    After a good break, we make our way back, descent direction Totalp. On the rubble, it goes downhill quickly, the only snowfield of the tour is driven :). Over the barren nasty karst landscape of the Totalp we follow the markings direction Gamsluggen. But first a nap in the now and then flashing sun. After a good 1.5 hours (from the summit) we reach the Gamsluggen (P. 2378), where it goes down south on steep serpentines. At about 2100 m you reach the Prättigauer Höhenweg, which runs along the Swiss side below the Rätikon's border massifs. We follow the path again direction Schesaplanahütte, now the impressive mountain flank to the right. After about an hour from the Gamsluggen we are back at the hut, punctually to the onset of rain.

    After it has stopped again, it goes down the ascent path of the night again. It's afloat on the cow meadows, the tinkling in the back. At the Leidegg we can now look at the moraines in daylight. Steep downhill, and we wonder what the hell bike tracks are looking for here. We certainly can not imagine swooping down here in the narrow forest. Again at Old Säss (P. 1285) arrived, only the long flat way out the valley after Seewis and down to Grüsch (P. 628).




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