Mountain tour on the Ortstock

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    Mountain tour on the Ortstock

    Beautiful and easy to reach tour on a promising mountain in the Glarus countryside, ascent from the Klausen Pass road and descent to Braunwald.

    We start at 9 o'clock in the morning from the parking lot P. 1259 from the Klausenpassstrasse. Finally by car, so we do not have to start from the valley floor in Linthal. The trail runs from here on the farm road to Vorder and Under Stafel (P. 1440), The sun is shining and creaming is in order, with the warmth even looser clothing is pleasant. We follow the signs direction Rietstöckliwhich stands above us as a rocky step. The cows are chewing and producing pancakes on the way and gawking at us. Narrow serpentines pull up the slope and you can reach the slope terrace below the Ostgrates from Ortstock (1848m). Here is break already made, it is getting warmer ...

    Since we have no climbing ambitions and do not take the vertical Direttissima, we now have to "once around the mountain". The path runs in bright green and lively meadows at the Rieter Ortstafel (P. 1731) and Tüfels Chilchli (P. 1829) past. Here the path is almost not recognizable, so the vegetables grow from both sides above. I almost caught a toad that was appropriately in stone on the way. More or less just reached the Bergeten-level, which is framed to the west and north of the 200-meter high Legerwand. It's hard to believe that this makes the so-called "Bärentritt"Runs, a red-white marked trail in the direction Ortstock. This is actually quite exposed, but secured at the delicate places with a wire. There is some shade here again, because of the steepness you sweat enough already. At some point it gets flatter and you reach the Leek soil (P. 2012), a bloated plain, once hollowed out by a glacier.

    Here, the bottles are refilled before we cross the leek soil, a slightly wavy beautiful green meadow, and then land in the gravel. Along the Schutthang it goes over some still quite large snow fields in direction Furggele (P. 2402), That makes you want to go back afterwards! Arriving in the saddle, we are again exploring before we make the last 300 Hm. The summit ridge is already completely snow-free, through steep debris leads the track upwards. A small rock level is equipped with two wire ropes, where you can pull yourself up. At the top it flattens off again and you say it every five minutes, now it's only five minutes to the top. From the Furggele in about 45 minutes is then the Summit Cross (P. 2716) Achieved and the deep views do not leave you long to rest!

    A beautifully situated view summit, in the north of the Klotz of Glärnisch, to the south the Glarus main Alps. Here sits the Tödi (3614m), a chunk of mountain and surrounded by the other 3000s. Even down the view is impressive, after all, Linthal is more than 2000 meters below us! There is no one else up here, we make ourselves comfortable and watch the interplay between clouds and the sun.

    It took us about 6 hours to get here from the starting point with breaks, but we also took our time in between, and the landscape is simply too beautiful for that.

    Part of us stay up here, they want to spend the night at Glattalpsee. The two of us, however, are on the way back. The Furggele is reached quickly on the steep rubble, then follows the exit direction Lauchboden. The snow is perfect, so we can move quickly and land again in the countryside. In front of the "key place", the Bärentritt, refill with water, go to the loo and enjoy the sunbeams. At the said steep point then it is shady, here you should concentrate again.

    At the Bergetenseeli arrived only follows the way to Braunwald. First of all it goes through beautiful spring meadows and light trees Ober Stafel (P. 1602), whereupon the path leads down a last steep step in serpentines. Apparently, today is just alpine uplift, because we bobble about 40 cows and stumble up the narrow path. We behave calmly and face the slope, but some of the animals are really scared to pass us terrible people. But five minutes later, everyone made it and we can continue the pretty muddy path. Shortly afterwards we reach the meadows and yards of Braunwald, and around the Vorderer Berg we reach (passing the indoor pool) the funicular, which saves us the last 600 meters to Linthal, and that for only 3.60 CHF.



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