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    Sven is a sociologist and part-time adventurer and above all: a passionate pedestrian.

    The evolution of outdoor clothing

    In this article we discuss the basics of clothing and its evolution throughout human history. The...

    Winter walking

    Now in winter there were some very nice days, which I used right away, the text for hiking with some moving pictures ...

    Shopping guide for winter gear

    The requirements for winter equipment are actually clear: it must help to deal with the cold weather. On the one hand, it must protect against cooling, on the other hand ...

    Daypack with style: Vagabond by Gossamer Gear

    The Vagabond by Gossamer Gear is a small, light daypack for the day trip and the city, designed in a sophisticated ultralight design ...

    Water filter LifeStraw Flex and a humanitarian project

    The LifeStraw Flex water filter has a slightly different concept.

    Cup pudding from the supermarket: the Soul Warmer

    Years ago I lamented the disappearance of a consolation for cold evenings in the tent. Maybe my lamentation was answered, but perhaps the demand was ...
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