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    Fabian is a sports enthusiastic student from Konstanz, traveling a lot in the mountains, most of all on ski tours, mountain tours, full speed, mainly long and exhausting!

    Compression stockings from CEP

    What do compression stockings bring? The socks are certainly the least attention paid to the outfit. This compression stockings can do a lot. Man ...

    In snow and ice - Dom 4545m

    The ascent We arrive as usual at midnight in Randa, a common in the Mattertal, shortly before Zermatt. The sky is clear...

    Glärnisch - above the sea of fog

    Rise in the last corner After celebrating the birthday of the buddy on the shores of Lake Klöntaler (850m) with barbecue and wine ...

    Half-rope "Pendi" from Mammut in the test

    In the test: the 8.0 Pendi half rope from Mammut, with SuperDry impregnation and anti-crane technology. We looked closer at the rope - on glacier tours with light ...

    On the roof of the Alps: Mont Blanc

    Climbing Mont Blanc in three days with bivouac on the Tete Rousse Hut.

    Burrs in the Engadin: Piz Julier

    Beautiful day tour from St. Moritz on the Fuorcla Albana and the southeast ridge on the Piz Julier.
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