Fabian is a sports enthusiastic student from Konstanz, traveling a lot in the mountains, most of all on ski tours, mountain tours, full speed, mainly long and exhausting!

    Compression stockings from Under Pressure Sox in the test

    Improved circulation and stabilization of tendons and ligaments are the promise of compression stockings compared to "normal" socks.

    It is winter on Furggeltihorn!

    First snowshoe tour of the season - end of September! With a high bivouac on the snow-covered Furggeltihorn (3043m). The summer has lasted a long time until ...

    High out on the Matterhorn

    Fast one-day tour on the prototype of a mountain, the Matterhorn (4478m). Or also: Staustehen in the gym. Since the buddies ...

    June, finally skiing again!

    Soon it will be summer, but there is still snow in the mountains. Fast ski tour to the Flüela Schwarzhorn (3146m).

    Tödi - King of Northeastern Switzerland

    Impressive and long ski tour in perfect conditions on the highest of the Glarus Alps - Tödi (3614m).

    Fresh snow in the Bregenz Forest

    Ski tour on the Hohe Freschen (2004m). Lots of powder, landscape and running. After a long cold phase, it should be something relaxed to get started, ...