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    Water filter LifeStraw Flex and a humanitarian project

    The LifeStraw Flex water filter has a slightly different concept.

    Cup pudding from the supermarket: the Soul Warmer

    Years ago I lamented the disappearance of a consolation for cold evenings in the tent. Maybe my lamentation was answered, but perhaps the demand was ...

    17 cheap gifts for hikers

    These gift ideas for hikers do not even have to be expensive, they are available for less than 10 € - they will give the gifted hikers but completely ...

    10 backpacking essentials

    If you are just starting to hike, you have certainly heard many tips on what you should carry everything. Of course, everyone is ticking differently, but in principle it can be broken down to 10 essentials.

    What is in the daypack in winter?

    In winter, clothing, shoes and other equipment must operate in a wide range of different temperatures, wind, sunshine and rainfall.

    Water treatment outdoors

    The dangers of polluted water are well known, so I only briefly recall the main sources of danger here. In the further course I go ...

    Hyberg Attila LM - Ultralight backpack

    The Attila by the German brand Hyberg is a solid backpack based on the ultralight principle. With Ultralight, the function is placed at the center of the design, everything unnecessary ...

    Vaude Green Shape Core Collection - Green Core S Backpack

    Vaude remains true to itself: the Green Shape Core Collection relies on #multiuse and #ecofair. We chose the new collection from the ...

    A declaration of love to a shoe

    I've never written a declaration of love for a shoe. - but after many years of togetherness it must now 'out ....
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