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    Sven as an outdoor expert at Pro7 Galileo

    The editors of Galileo were probably so excited about that they asked me if I could say a few words about functional jackets. Of course I can!

    In the summer I went to Munich and was able to experience up close, how such a contribution is produced. For almost nine minutes, we have actually worked the whole day, the interviews of passers-by and some smaller clips were even made the next morning. There is a lot of work behind it.

    lunch break

    Such posts are not rotated sequentially. For example, we got the rain chamber at Globetrotter only for the morning, so this part was just turned off. It was not a problem for the pros, but I had to make an effort not to say later that day: "as we saw before ..." or something similar. But the team did a wonderful job and really had a lot of patience with me.

    Not at all easy I also found, not constantly to look into the camera. After all, one imagines the audience "behind" the camera and wants to explain something to this audience. So a few scenes had to be shot a second time at the beginning of the day. But most of the time the camera was simply put on it, the moderator and I talked and the production then cut everything so that it fits. Respect!

    Overall, I'm really happy with the post. It is generally understood what function Jackets should be able to and how it works with the function at all - and I didn't mess up too much and I was even able to keep the Stuttgart dialect in check. You should hear me when I'm talking to my family 😉

    By the way, moderator Matthias Fiedler and I spun things up during the day of shooting and thus developed an idea for another post. So it could well be that more comes from both of us!

    So if you want to watch the Sven as an "outdoor expert" at Galileo: here's it to the post.



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