On, around and beside the Forststeig in the Elbsandsteingebirge - the beginning

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    On, around and beside the Forststeig in the Elbsandsteingebirge - the beginning

    The beginning

    First, we planned the famous Malerweg in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. However, celebrities have the peculiarity of always being surrounded by admirers. That scared me off. Because on a hike (stupidly even in the holiday season), I would not have to fight for a place to stay. Or book ... nenene ... .gar not my thing. So I got with a friendly coworker of the forest district Saxonia further suggestions, how I could explore the national park. She recommended that to me Forest trail, a trekking path, which, however, will be signposted and prepared only in 2018. That sounds really adventurous and meets my taste exactly. So far, there were only a few test runs of bloggers, Kartogaphen, etc., whose reports I read in preparation. The path is only provisionally marked with a few orange dots and leads mostly on trails, forest trails and trails. The newcomers recommend a good sense of direction and also equipment that is sufficient for all Eventualitäten.  


    • A map with the marked Forststeig is only available in September 2017. Which is pretty stupid because I am traveling 2 weeks earlier. Thus, only the rough outline map of the forestry district of Saxony serves me as a basis: Forststeig_Karte_Routenfuehrung Quelle Sachsenforst
    • Detailed maps (also laminated) are available from the cartographer Rolf Böhmwho gives me the tickets for Saxon Switzerland and the Bohemian section.
    • My hiking equipment should be sufficient. In any case, I will get a water filter. Otherwise, we fill our 50-liter. Backpacks with the usual household:
      • Bedroom: sleeping mat / tent / summer sleeping bag
      • Kitchen: Cooker / Dishes / Food Notations / Swiss Army Knife
      • Wardrobe: 2 short-sleeved / 1 long-sleeved merinoshirt / 2x underwear / 1 pair of socks / rainwear
      • Bath: toothbrush / toothpaste / dental floss
    • My best insurance and life insurance is H ... my companion par excellence, which I do not want to miss anymore. His commitment to accompany me is the main prize.

    For the approximately 100 km long trekking route 4-5 days are recommended. Experience has shown that I always need a little longer and expect 6 days, which will turn out to be wise as always ...

    Let's go day 1




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