On, around and beside the Forststeig in the Elbsandsteingebirge - 5th day

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    On, around and beside the Forststeig in the Elbsandsteingebirge - 5th day

    The breakfast and the slowly opening cloud cover let our spirits rise. After this yesterday's day is that also urgently necessary!

    We think back and forth how we want to continue the experience, the Forststeig. After eternal back and forth we decide the way of Koenigstein to go on. Because here cuts, or runs the forest path the Malerweg.

    Thus, the paths, as far as the depth of water is concerned, probably accessible without rubber boots. With dry clothes and wet shoes, we boot ourselves warm, because the way leads always slightly rising whisk, Here we turn off too early, which is good, because there are many tourists and day hikers on the way. Deep relaxation, we walk along the ridge and feel very well.

    A small climbing insert and we get back to the Malerweg, As always, slight orientation problems accompany us, but they do not burden us. Somewhere it goes on and on. Then it goes to Pfaffenstein. A fantastic backdrop. These rock formations inspire us. In addition, the sun can be seen again. With a cheese cake, which we feed on the terrace of the mountain inn, we secretly pop up the second bleeding tick. A detour to the Barbarine its a must! The paths are narrow and meander through the rocks at times. Hach. The Gohrischstein and Papststein are also not to be despised. Unfortunately, it is again foggy / rainy and the view accordingly restricted.

    In the spa town of Gohrisch we rest. My fres ... clenched load of unfriendly people there. Sooo we do not have a frightening smell of musk! The Bäh weather allows us to ignore the Forststeig and we run around the consequences (= area) on a narrow forest path, then in Bad Schandau get in the car. The weather forecast promises pure sun for tomorrow. So we decide the campsite Ostrava mill visit.

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