On, around and beside the Forststeig in the Elbsandsteingebirge - 4th day

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    On, around and beside the Forststeig in the Elbsandsteingebirge - 4th day

    After this Day 3 on the Forststeig we start without great motivation at 9.30 clock. The clouds in the sky contain all possible shades of gray and the continuous rain of yesterday has become established. Put the feet in the damp shoes and off you go.

    We actually manage to confuse the north with the south at the beginning and promptly trudge in the wrong direction. So we get on the comfortable Mühlweg and notice first in Rosenthal our mistake. Somewhat haphazard, we look for the Sommerhübelweg and find it. Here the Forststeig crosses the way again and again. Often, the paths are only trampling or forest roads, which are specified by harvester. However, since the constant rain has changed these deep ruts to small rivers, and I DO NOT feel like river wading, we simply ignore the Forststeig and walk at 13 degrees before us.

    We arrive at the ingenious Rotsteinhütte, This wooden hut is built with love. There is even a biological, covered toilet. I really wish the operators that the guests stick to the rules and leave everything in good condition. Here I dry my merino shirt for a short time, which is already soaked. Thanks to my leaking rain jacket I find the hiking in the rain stupid. During the dry season, I read in the guestbook and also find an entry of the cartographer R. Böhm, one of the first testers of the Forststeig.   

    Afterwards we will not find the regular way again and muddle through. Only the new man reveals our location. Due to the cold and the wet and my MIMMIMI whining, we turn to bielatal and look for a room there. Nothing! No place to stay far and wide. Now only the bus remains as a rescue. We catch the last bus that goes through the Bielatal and let us bring to Königstein. The tourist stronghold in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains par excellence. In the inn "Schrägers " We are received nicely and enjoy the hot shower and the delicious food, which the host presents us.

    Further to Day 5.





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