On, around and beside the Forststeig in the Elbsandsteingebirge - 2.Tag

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    On, around and beside the Forststeig in the Elbsandsteingebirge - 2.Tag

    Finally the endless night (1st day click here) past. As soon as we can somehow move our body parts, we rise from the sleeping bags at about 7.30 am pouring and shivering. Only the hot finished coffee (unbelievable, how delicious a sachet coffee can taste) brings back the good mood. The sun is already visible above the treetops. However, it will take until these warming rays reach us. At the nearby brook there is a very volatile cat wash. In addition, the water filter is used and we fill our water supplies here. After a warm muesli, we wrap up comfortably and break up at 9 o'clock.

    Already the first meters are fantastically beautiful. A small climb along the stream and along the rock. Then it goes a little along the border. Next to us again a variety of mushrooms. We are now looking for a sign when it now left off. Lt. It is only a few meters on a forest road that merges with the road Stezka Labska Piskovce. Passing Chirstianenburg, an inn where we planned our breakfast.

    Well. We actually find a sign with the inscription Stezka Labska Piskovce (which is probably only Labske nature reserve) and follow the trail that actually turns into a street. And promptly we are wrong. (Well Mr Böhm ... you should refresh the Bohemian map ..) We never get our coffee in an inn. Instead, we reach the Hunters Cross and then walk on the comfortable Daumkamm High snow mountain. Here we meet some mushroom pickers carrying bombastic baskets. Arriving on the 723 m high mountain, we spend our well deserved lunch break here. I'm excited! A homemade chicken soup, as I know it only from Grandma's cookbook. Floating grease eyes on a well filled with deposits soup. Whoa! This gives strength to remove a freshly docked tick. My heart stops short in the short term, when I see that here should be paid with kroner. The facts I have completely lost! But thankfully, Euros are also welcome ... uff!

    The sun is beaming with us. We are surrounded by rock formations and can watch the boulders and climbers. To Ostrov Now leads a paved trail. My legs hurt in my hiking boots and I wiggle to the campsite. Here, too, passionate climbers can be found, who get their money's worth on the many demanding rock towers. A pleasant combination in the evening follows: People stare, shower, eat and sleep.  

    Further to Day 3.




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