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    On the local mountain of Chur: Haldensteiner Calanda

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    On the local mountain of Chur: Haldensteiner Calanda

    The Calandamassiv near Chur has four beautiful peaks, whose name is already known by the Graubündner beer brand Calanda.

    From Haldenstein near Chur you have 2500hm in front of you to reach the first peak, the Haldensteiner Calanda. So we split the tour up to 2 days. If you like, you can do the first ascent to the Calandahütte SAC at 2073m by mountain bike and save yourself time and money, especially in the descent. However, we did not want to go down the same path again and decided to go for a longer tour and a total of three summit destinations. We started in the evening in Haldenstein at 572m and spent the night in the forest, protected under a large pine branch. The next morning we ran to the Calandahütte (calandahuette.ch) at half past seven, from there to the summit of Haldensteiner Calanda. First on cow pastures, then on a narrow gravel road to rubble and scree to the summit. From the top you could then enjoy the complete 360 ° panorama over the Swiss Alps. You could even see a corner of Lake Constance in the distance. Here you can get that 360 ° panorama look at.

    Then it went back a bit on the same way first. At the end of the summit plateau you can see a big cairn, in front of which you turn right down a steep gravel slope to the right. Next you can climb the Tüfels Chilchli (2460m) on the way or right to the Felsberger Calanda. Before the second summit, we decide to climb up the summit ridge. But we quickly realize that the rock is extremely brittle and we find on the extremely exposed ridge barely solid. We decide to let this part with a rope without additional security and descend again. The simpler version leads first right below the summit over an extremely steep gravel field and then over lighter terrain to the summit. Here you absolutely need sticks, as you otherwise have little grip on the small footprints along the gravel slope. At the beginning of this summit climb you still need your hands to climb, then you can comfortably march on a narrow path on the so-called Calandaboden to the summit cross.

    After this second peak happiness, we make our way to the third summit, the Taminser Calanda. We walk over a large stone plateau and have the luck to meet a huge ibex herd. We pick up our sticks and walk quietly and carefully past them. Some stay only 30m away from us and we can observe them up close. So we look back later, we see that on this steep slope down to the valley, another 30 ibex jump around. We wonder how to find enough footing on such a steep slope to move so easily and quickly. Really impressive animals. Now the path goes on the broad plateau over meadows up to the Taminser Calanda (2390m), the southernmost summit of the Calandamassiv. From here begins our, 2500hm long, descent to Reichenau- Tamins.

    Arrived at Reichenau-Tamins station, we board the train back to Constance and can enjoy one last alpine glow.



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